Need More Sales? Implement These 4 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience

Online marketing is not a walk in the park – you have to carefully analyze, implement, and reanalyze the current market practices into your marketing campaign to know what further you can do to enhance the customer experience.

The popularity of e-commerce is reaching new heights and each day, competition is getting tough. Industry giants are doing everything possible to retain their customers and making it difficult for startups to survive. Statistics suggest that more than 60% startups fail within the first six months of their inception. There could be many reasons for it but the most common reason is poor customer experience.

The biggest advantage and disadvantage of an e-commerce store are that, the customers don’t know who they are dealing with – it is the mutual consensus that leads to a business deal. Some may find it in their favor but the reality is otherwise (mostly). If you are a startup or even an established e-commerce store, you have to take every step possible to enhance the customer experience.

Let’s get down to 5 simple ways that you can use to increase customer loyalty along with your profits.

Improve Web Design

There is a large community of customers who make their shopping decisions after browsing too many products. Shoppers who know what they are looking for simply head to the specific section and purchase the required product; however, those who are new to the website may find it extremely difficult. Statistics suggest that websites having easy to navigate designs have a better chance to generate sales leads and improve the customer experience. What you can do is incorporate sorting options like pricing, color, brand, and size etc. to your website. Not only will it make the website easy to understand but attractive for the customers as well.

Simplify Checkout Process

There is absolutely no need for making the transactions complex. People appreciate simplified online transactions and don’t want to waste a lot of time just to enter unnecessary details. You can easily make the checkout process simple by giving convenient access to the cart from any section of your e-commerce website. Moreover, the shopping cart should contain all the information including the product image so that the customers know what they have added and how much they are supposed to pay. It is advisable to integrate One Page Checkout process that is optimized to rationalize and expedite the purchasing process. One Page Checkout displays product selection and checkout forms on a single page. Customers get the ease to add products to an order, remove them, and complete payment of the goods purchased without leaving the page. Another way to simplify the checkout process is by introducing various payment options. You don’t have to rely on one payment method when you can utilize quite a few. Online stores having these features in the cart section have a better customer satisfaction rate!

Invest in Customer Service

A major reason for the failure of e-commerce stores is poor customer service. There is no other way you can address the needs of your customers without top quality customer services. By customer service, it does not mean that you have to deal with them personally – including relevant information within the pages of your website is sufficient. However, make sure that you are not overloading your customers with information. Try to include information that persuade them to get in touch with your customer support staff so that they can guide them further.

Customized Experience

Gone are the days when customers didn’t mind being dealt in a general way. Today, customers like getting customized solutions and if they are referred to a page that is relatable, they will feel like getting valued. Here the role of designers and developers is crucial. They should try to include a personal touch to every page so that the customers don’t feel like being a part of the herd.

Using these tips can certainly help you boost your sales by enhancing the customer experience. E-commerce experts advise, hiring the services of professionals help you in creating a fabulous customer centric website. TransData is one of the leading names in e-commerce website development. They offer website design, product development, e-commerce process improvement, and integration services.

Shruti Gupta is a writer, digital marketer and outreaching expert .She writes about technology, startups & other niches. She has contributed to a number of famous websites like Thenextweb, Deccanchronicle and Crazyegg. Stay tuned with her at: @shruti_gupta01 or via Skype : shrutigupta2811