5 Ways To Get In Shape For Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and that means warm weather, sunny skies and hot days at the beach. Below are a few ways to help you get out of winter hibernation mode and get in shape fast.

Eat In A Caloric Deficit

Forget about fad diets and quick fixes often advertised on late night tv or Instagram like “Tummy Teas” and the like. Losing weight comes down to eating less calories than you burn; there is no secret diet or food that will make you lose weight.

Calculate the amount of number of calories your body needs in order to maintain its weight and adjust your calories accordingly. Smaller deficits are easier to maintain while a higher deficit may yield faster results but require more discipline. Keep in mind that the deficit will need to be adjusted as you lose weight as you’ll require less calories to maintain.

Accuracy Counts

It’s important to be a accurate in terms of calorie counting if you want results. This means tracking every single thing you eat and weighing everything (including condiments, drinks and oils) on a food scale in either grams or ounces. Don’t just eyeball it and avoid measuring with teaspoons and cups as these can be inaccurate. A heaping teaspoon is different amount compared to one that is levelled off.

Start Weight Training

Weight training is one of the easiest and most effective way in order to improve your physique. Pick an established program like Stronglifts or a push & pull program if you want to focus more on aesthetics. A comprehensive program should focus around the big three lifts; squat, bench and deadlift also known as “The Big 3” for males and females alike. These compound lifts work numerous muscle mass and will give you the most bang for your bulk. Accessory exercises can be added in if you want to focus on specific areas.

Building muscle is imperative if you don’t want to end up skinny-fat. Muscle by itself doesn’t cause bulkiness on women; it’s the layer on fat on top of the muscle that may cause this “bulky” appearance. This is the reason why many fitness models go through phases of building muscle and then “cutting” or losing weight in order to “lean out”.

Consider Lipo Laser

If worst comes to worst and you can’t manage to get the weight off and want fast results you may want to consider undergoing a lipo laser procedure. The difference between lipo laser and traditional liposuction is that lipo laser doesn’t require a hospital stay.

The ideal candidate for lipo laser isn’t severely overweight but someone who is in relatively good shape and looking to focus on specific areas. Lipo laser and LED machines work by perforating the fat cells. A local anesthetic is generally used in order to ease any discomfort. It’s important to stay in shape and manage your calories after the procedure if you want to maintain the results.

Summer is just a short time away and now is the time to take action if you want to get ready for warm weather season. Think of fitness as a lifestyle instead of a chore and you may end up loving it.