Jawahar Thomas – The Australian Entrepreneur Hoping To Make A Difference

The world is a funny place. We know that despite all the misadventures, the depressing events occurring worldwide, the endless war erupting in one part of the globe or the other there is always the slightest bit of hope. This is the hope that the future may hold a better world. While hoping for such a world may not be enough, it is often re-enforced by actual action. These actions are usually carried out by people who genuinely care, who know that they have the necessary resources at their disposal to make a difference.

One of these names is Jawahar Thomas.

Though if you were to talk to Jawahar Thomas himself, he’d probably modestly play down all his contributions but from an objective point of view, all that he’s done deserves recognition.

And he’s done it across different fields too. Jahawar Thomas philanthropist, Jawahar Thomas inventor, Jawahar Thomas Doctor, all of these are terrific descriptions of a man who’s been very active in making sure that people have an equal chance at life and are able to lead a better life then the one they’ve been confined to.

To give you a better understanding and an insight into the man, we’ll go back to the beginning. Before he was Jawahar Thomas entrepreneur in Sydney, he was a man who saw the need for action and then took it upon himself to make a difference.

Jawahar Thomas hails from India, born in the year 1964. Medicine and altruism piqued his interests from a young age. It was this early interest that culminated in him completing his double degree, a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery from Osmania Medical College in 1998. This is where his medical services to Australia began. Since then, he’s purchased his own medical clinic in NSW.

This is was also around the time where Jawahar Thomas entrepreneur in Sydney was becoming a popular figure. Currently, he manages 4 medical clinics in addition to pursuing his other interests.

His other “interests” include developing his Medical Knowledge Simulator (MEKSI) while being a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner.

While his professional services would’ve been enough on their own, Dr. Thomas felt that there was a lot more that he could contribute to the society and this is why he undertook several project on his own initiative.

By the way, this was not the first time he was doing so. He had already volunteered at the Osmania hospital after the Latur earthquake. Dr. Thomas had always had this knack to always do more.

During his stay in Australia, Dr. Thomas has travelled across the country in order to assess the damage and suffering that preventable diseases leave behind.

All of these make him one of the people that we should be looking up to when it comes to humanitarian relief. Remember the name, Dr. Jawahar Thomas, the man who’s been doing his part to make this a better world for more than 2 decades.