How to improve employee productivity through employee monitoring software?

Did you know that one of the 3 reasons why a business fails is that it does not focus on its human capital? Having the best talent is a vital part of an organization, so you have to know how to detect it and recognize it and a good way to start is by doing a survey to choose the employee of the month. And in the end, you will need an employee monitoring software program.

If you want to keep your employees happy and more productive, you should start by creating a positive work environment. One of the ways to do this is by recognizing the work they carry out. Doing a survey to choose the employee of the month is a way to find out who has the best performance and give credit for the well done work that is being carried out.

Some stages to establish employee of the month in which employee monitoring software can be involved

The employee of the month is considered a reward and recognition program that encourages staff to work effectively and improve productivity. Employees who achieve excellence and are better at their job are those who are recognized and rewarded. Keeping your employees motivated will make you have better results as a company.

Honoring your workforce for your contributions increases morale, improves productivity and employee retention. If you want your employees to be happy to work for you, recognize them! Most businesses do not conduct a survey to choose the employee of the month, this can cause the workforce not feel valued, because their effort is not recognized.

The truth is that to make an assessment of the performance of employees, we must first define certain criteria:

1.- Form a work team to help you establish and follow up on the Employee of the Month program. This will help create the necessary and fair criteria for compliance with the initiative.

2.- Conduct an online survey, ask your workers to share their opinions about the award criteria and the types of awards they prefer. Do they want criteria to focus more on measurable objectives such as sales or performance quotas, or do they prefer to focus on intangible things, such as creativity, teamwork or a positive attitude?

Listen to the opinions of your employees and create an employee program of the month that reflects what your workforce wants. Do not assume, better question. Get new ideas through a job satisfaction survey.

3.- Evaluate the mission of your company or department. Understanding the corporate objectives will help you in your recognition program to the best employees.

4.- Choose also criteria that apply to all workers. Do not exclude employees based on rank, position or duties. Make it possible for everyone to have the opportunity to be recognized as the employee of the month. A formal recognition program does not leave managers outside the scope of the program. In order to evaluate all the personnel within an organization, you can perform a 360º evaluation and obtain better results.

5.- Inform your employees the purpose of carrying out a survey to choose the employee of the month. It is important that they know the criteria of the program. It is also recommended that the managers of each area or department let the rest of the employees know the criteria that will be evaluated in their area.

How employee monitoring software can help you

To perform the above actions, manual methods are not recommended. Besides being able to give non-neutral opinions, a manual approach will only waste your precious time. Therefore, you need to switch to a technology-based approach by employing employee monitoring software. There are many software programs available in the market but only a few are qualified, one of which is EaseMon.

Using the software you can do the following:

– You can monitor the work activities of your employees through your Windows or Mac device.
– When suspicious activity occurs, you will be notified automatically via email alerts.
– Employees will not know they are being monitored. Make sure it complies with your state laws.
– You certainly need proof or record of your employees’ activities. These can all be recorded in PDF format.
– By using the software you can assess more objectively because each assessment is based on the data.

Monitoring the work activities of our employees will help us to improve the efficiency of our company. And by using employee monitoring software you can monitor the performance of each of your employees more easily. A manual approach combined with a technology-based approach will bring the best results. Hopefully this article can inspire you. Good luck!