What you should do in a robbery situation at work

Your workplace should be your second home. It is the place where you spend most of your hours during the day. Even though there may be security guards on the door, is that a guarantee that your workplace is free from any intruders? Most crime victims at the place of work suffer emotional trauma that may affect how they work.

We have had many cases of employees being held hostage at their workplace. Statistics reveal that more than 4,500 employees died in 2010 while on duty. With such numbers, would you still consider your workplace the safest place to be? Today, we discuss the responsibility of the employer in enhancing security at work. We will also briefly look at the forms of crime at work, as well as filing a third party suit if you are a victim of workplace robbery. Learn more!

What are the forms of crime at work?

Unlike what we know, the forms of crime are different even though people use them interchangeably. They include:


When a person pickpockets something for a store, it is theft. In this case, there might not be anybody present to witness the crime. They pick something without the knowledge of the owner. It, therefore, does not cause bodily harm to employees working in the store.


In this case, the criminal scares the employees and commands obedience from them. Weapons such as guns are used and some people may be harmed if they don’t show cooperation. They instil fear in you and use threatening words to have their way. Statistics say that more than five hundred thousand people are robbery victims every year.


This also occurs in the absence of anyone. For instance, a burglar can break into the store at night and steal items. They forcefully break into someone’s property without their knowledge. In this case, no one experiences bodily harm.

What is the duty of the employer to enhance security in the workplace?

Proper maintenance

Your employer should ensure that the workplace feels safe enough for every employee. For instance, they can fix broken doors and replace locks. Installing cameras around the office is also a useful safety measure. They can also place lights around the corridors and staircases leading to the workplace so that they are not too dark.

Hire and train security guards

An employer should not hire any person with no experience or skills to deal with security. It is a job that requires strength in case of breaking in. Proper training can also enhance the safety of the workplace.

Train employees on good customer service

Reports suggest that regular customers cause some criminal activities that happen in stores. It is how you treat your customers that determine their reactions towards your workplace. The employer should train you on how you should identify signs of anger or tension from customers. Some people like confrontations and if you know how to handle them well, you could prevent a robbery.

Discuss how the staff should handle cash

Systems such as electronic forms of payments would reduce the chances of a robbery. Make the employees aware of these modes so that you reduce the cash flow in the workplace. They can also learn how to handle credit checks. Regular transfers of cash to the bank is a safety measure to avoid being a target of a robbery.

Teach the employees how to react in a robbery situation

Some of the lessons that you can get from your employer could be like avoiding eye contact with the robbers or remaining calm. People who try to be the hero in such a situation end up being killed since the robbers feel intimidated by such.

What are some of the injuries that you can suffer from a robbery?

One may get both physical and emotional injuries. For instance, some people get posttraumatic stress disorder or anxiety from the incident. Cases of depression and insomnia are also possible when a robber holds you at gunpoint.

What should you do if you are a victim of workplace robbery?

Visit a mental health counselor

Psychologists can help you deal with the trauma from the incident. Talking about it with a mental counselor will make you share your feelings so that they can treat you appropriately. You can also receive anti-anxiety medication as well as sleep pills to reduce insomnia and anxiety.

In your case, a licensed counselor can write for you a prognosis to prove that your mental state was affected by the robbery. The receipts of anti-depressants can also help you get compensation for damages in a lawsuit.

Visit a doctor if you have physical injuries

Before you head home, see a doctor to dress any wounds that you may have sustained from the robbery. They can also provide you with medical records if you need to sue your employer for negligence.

Deal with your worker’s compensation insurance

If the incident did not leave any physical injuries, you could ask for compensation benefits from your employer according to the workers’ compensation claim. It can pay for your medical bills, lost wages as well as counseling. It is important to note that this claim does not cover for any pain or suffering caused by the incident.

Hire an attorney

If the robbery caused both physical and mental harm, get an attorney. As an employee, you can file for a third party claim against your employer if they acted negligently towards providing security.

Consider settlement loans

A settlement loan can help you in emergencies if you proceed with the lawsuit and are running short of cash. Greenleafcapital only needs your information as well as the attorney’s to gauge the success of your case. You don’t have to pay the advance they give you since they get it back from your settlement after the case is over.

Final thoughts

For your workplace to be a safe place, everybody should be alert and open to the possibility of robbery. It makes everyone keen on any suspicious activities from intruders. Follow our steps above if you are a victim of a robbery and get compensation for the damages.