How to Ask the Right Questions When Renting a Serviced Office in Malaysia

In 2015, Malaysia was again ranked among the top twenty nations in the world for foreign investors. It has featured on the list for ten consecutive years and has actually been named the number one emerging economy in East Asia. While this says a lot about how nurturing it is for new ventures, the depth of its warmth and character really does have to be experienced to be believed.

If you are interested in expanding into Malaysia or you want to set up your first business there, renting a serviced office is a great idea. These fully stocked and equipped facilities are provided on a negotiable basis, so you only pay for what you need. This allows companies to remain flexible and agile, with enough breathing room to adapt to the new market. There are all kinds of benefits to working from a serviced office in Malaysia, but do be sure to pick the right type of suite or facility.

This guide to some of the most important things to think about will help you ask the right questions and find the perfect office.

Can I Take a Tour of the Facility?

If you’re in the midst of relocating from overseas, arranging a physical tour of a serviced office might be tricky. However, it is advised, because this is the quickest and easiest way to see if the environment offers everything that you need. You can head over to to browse pictures of some of the most prestigious serviced offices in Malaysia. All workspaces are fully equipped and ready to go; your team can move right in.

What Sort of Clients Use Serviced Offices?

It is also a good idea to ask questions about the type of tenants in the building. Many serviced facilities also contain specially designed co-working environments, so it is worth getting to know your neighbours. Studies have shown that, far from being a negative influence, working close to market rivals and peers can spur a team to perform better and strive harder.

What Type of Services Are Provided?

This is the most important question of all. Serviced offices in Malaysia have more to offer than just an impressive corporate address. They are designed to provide absolutely everything that a business needs to function efficiently and successfully. This might mean a 24/7 receptionist service, a personal cleaner, access to an IT support team, or the use of premium conferencing spaces and boardrooms. The important thing is that you decide. The terms of a serviced office lease are flexible and negotiable. You have the power to change them at any time.

Is There Any Lock In Contracts or Hidden Fees?

Speaking of long-term contracts; one of the biggest advantages of using a serviced office over a conventional lease is that the agreements are short. You are not required to lock your business into any costly five-year contracts. You can upgrade to a bigger space, downgrade if you need to streamline and make changes to the services included as part of your suite. For instance, you might not need a dedicated receptionist to begin with, but this could change as your pool of Malaysian contacts grows.

Why Serviced Offices Are the Future for Small Businesses

While serviced offices suites can be accessed by companies all shapes and sizes, they are particularly valuable for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. These are the enterprises that often benefit the most from a more streamlined day to day operation. The profit margins are narrower, so there’s less room for waste and serviced packages allow occupants to only pay for the features and services that they want.