How Technology Can Turn Your Small Business into an International Authority

Business owners are faced with two primary challenges – scalability and reach. For most, scalability isn’t the problem. Once you’ve found a successful way to create value, you can replicate this system by hiring our outsourcing the variable resources needed. It’s not your individual product or your customers that set the value of your company, but your idea. When you scale properly, you’ll be able to take your idea and give it an international presence.

Many small and medium sized business owners can’t quite picture themselves in that position, but it’s been proven to be possible. There are so many moving parts that it’s difficult to see the steps necessary to reach that level. But technology can streamline every part of the process. What you might find is that, soon, handling millions of clients will be no different than handling a dozen. All it takes is a little elbow grease and some dot com development, and anyone can reach out to a broader market.

The Internet
While this may seem obvious, getting your company plugged in is the foundation of every successful international company. Dot com development is a huge business. It’s the world where one small firm can handle the workload for a massive industry. To see this in action, just look at Seattle’s bustling tech community. Right next to the massive Google campus is a small software company. This one little office has been responsible for the launch of apps that reach millions. Just by getting your company online, you’re already competitive with many of industries major players.

You’ve got a website up, and a digital marketing campaign that can reach people in every corner of the globe. Now, you need something to sell them. Most small businesses are creating the solutions themselves, and directly supplying it to customers. The question is, are you the only person in the marketplace offering the solution? Very rarely is this ever the case. Now that you’ve got willing buyers, all you need to do is connect them with the service providers. Crowdsourcing allows you to reach out to the world and find suppliers of the very things that your customers demand. Of course, you can take your own cut of the pie. As much of the industry as you want is at your fingertips. But for the demand you can’t keep up with, crowdsourcing allows others to offer their solution on your platform. Just look at Airbnb. They started out by renting one apartment, but now they don’t own any. Yet the company still makes millions by facilitating the connection between buyers and sellers.

Social Media
As we’ve seen demonstrated by small Seattle software development companies, anyone can reach a broader target market thanks to modern communication tools. You can reach a few of your potential customers from all corners of the globe, but now that your supply is virtually unlimited you’ll want to find more. Social media is the not-so-secret trick up everyone’s sleeve. The power of it comes from influence. Whenever you’re advertising, you’re using your influence to get people to buy your product. But nobody has more influence than any individual’s friends. By getting your clients to interact with you on social media, you’ll be able to leverage this connection to sell to their friends.

Simplicity is Key
Some may look at this and think ‘it all seems too simple.’ But in reality, that’s the key component of every successful business. If you’re currently profitable, it’s because you’ve identified a market and found a way to deliver what that market needs. With the internet, you’ll be able to take this model and make it the core of your business. All of the details can be handled by others.anyone can reach out to a broader market.