How A Life Coach Can Support Your Management Team

Managing a successful business can come with many ups and downs, especially if you have a lot of turnover. From dealing with high level egos to nurturing up and coming talent, managing a team of employees can come with many challenges which is why some organizations are hiring a life coach to support them.

While some may assume that a life coach mostly focuses on individuals who want to make more money or get their life in order, this is not necessarily the case. Technically speaking, a coach is someone who supports an individual or professional with achieving their goal. At the end of the day, they are someone who can help bring clarity to any situation and support their client from getting from point A to point B.

When it comes to managing people and projects, because companies have so many issues to deal with, some have noticed that they have not been doing as good of a job in supporting their managers with handling all of the personal and professional challenges that arise when dealing with complex office politics. By having a life coach who can aide and assist a manager with these problems gives them an extra hand and ear to help alleviate the stress and overwhelming burden that comes with these issues.

“Before having my life coach to help me, I began to notice my personal life was suffering” says Steve Adams, a manager of a new tech venture in Boulder CO. “Every time I left work I brought everything home with me and was never able to truly relax. This then carried over into my work creating a snowball effect which affected all other areas of my job and personal life.”

Reports have shown that job stress can have a major impact in ones home life. However, what many have not also considered is how the inability for someone to properly use their down time to rejuvenate can then make it more difficult for them to perform while at work.

“Relaxing and unwinding is critical for people in high stress situations” says Dan Johnson, a life and business coach based in Los Angeles CA. “I have so many clients who lack the ability to properly relax that they just become useless at work because they can no longer handle challenging situations. But once I am able to work with them on a regular basis, they now have someone who can help support them as soon as they need it rather than letting months go by and bitting up their stress until it turns into a panic attack.”

Where many life coaches are supporting managers is by providing them time on a weekly basis to not only vent, but process difficult decisions and issues where they can gain some clarity on the matter. Just like when a sports coach calls a time out to help their players gain clarity in what’s happening in the game, a life coach can do the same for a manager when they need a little guidance to ensure they are making decisions while they are in their game.

As new tech startups are being launched all over the world, many investors are seeing a lot of benefit from having a coach in the office on a daily basis supporting both their employees and management team. “Some companies now see this is like having a massage therapist on staff as it provides a convenient way for people to release stress and overcome difficult situations” says Dan. “I know from many CEO’s I have spoken with that they wish they had began using coaches years ago as it is truly impacting their productivity.”

Image Credit: Pixabay