6 Reasons Why Electric Skate Boards Are Better Than Non-Electric Ones

Long boarding is a thrilling hobby that gives you many memories. You can travel with it to places and even participate in skating competitions within your neighborhood. Electric skate boards are far much better than the non-electric ones because they are fast and easy to handle. You also have to undergo a lot of hours of training to master how to skate with the normal long board too.

Some of the reasons why electric long boards are better than normal long boards include;


When you are skating using a normal longboard, you will have to use your legs whenever you arebraking. Forbeginners, this can be a problem because you may not know how to control the skate board. Electric longboards on the other hand have their own automatic brakes which are controlled by a remote control. You just push a button on the remote control of great electric longboard or an e-board whenever you want to reduce your speed.


One thing I dislike about normal long boards is that you can travel only at a speed equal to the energy you expend on the skateboard. This really limits the places you can visit on a skate board because you get tired quickly. Electric skate boards on the other hand can travel at higher speeds depending on their motor. You can travel at a speed of 20 MPH on an electric longboard.

Ease when going uphill

Electric long boards are efficient when travelling uphill as compared to the normal longboards. This is because with e longboards you apply minimal to no energy when going uphill. With normal skate boards you have to expend energy depending on the inclination angle that is the steeper the slope the more the energy you use. This can be tiring especially for beginners.


If you own a skateboard then at one time you may have travelled to school or another destination on it.Since you now know that electric skate boards are faster compared to the normal skateboards then you know that travelling using a skateboard is moreefficient and time friendly.

You never get tired

Electric longboards are automated because it contains a motor. The only thing you do is control the direction in which you are travelling because the speed is regulated by the remote control you are holding on your hands. With the normal skateboards the furthest you can travel depends on the level of your fitness.

Anyone can use it

Electric longboard can be handled by anyone because you control everything using a remote control. Both speed and braking can be handled by the remote control that you always have on your hands when travelling.

Electric longboards have made skating more enjoyable and thrilling. They are faster and easy to handle and you can travel long distances with it. Normal longboards require hours of training to be able to handle them. You can be a master at controlling the normal long boards but you get tired quickly.That is why electric longboards are better than normal longboards.

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