Home gym design ideas

A lot of people like hitting the gym after a long day at work, which is understandable. Hammering the treadmill after a stint at the office is a great way to blast away the stress that lingers following the nine-to-five. However, the problem is that everybody’s got the same idea. Pretty much any gym you go to after 5pm on a weekday will be packed to the rafters. As soon as your post-work workout begins, you’re forced to queue for machines, wipe down clammy patches leftover from the person before, and squeeze your way through the chaotic aisles when traversing the gym.

Working out can be fun and enormously rewarding, but the thought of a bustling gym is enough to make even the biggest fitness enthusiast cancel their training.

The solution? Create your very own gym inside your home. This way, you can work out how you want, when you want, without being forced into sharing dumbbells soaked in someone else’s sweat.

We’ve come up with some great home gym ideas to offer you some inspiration.

A lick of paint

Before you set up your home workout space, it’s crucial to get the décor right first. Our brains respond to different colors and shades with different emotional reactions, and you’ll need to create a space that’s going to help you find that motivation to shed belly fat and build muscle.

The initial step is to grab a big white paint pot and coat the room from top to bottom. Warmer colors can make us drowsy, and green can make us feel peaceful – and these aren’t exactly the ideal states of mind to be in when you’re inside your workout space. Bright white paint will keep you feeling awake and alert, enabling you to hit the ground running and stay on target.

The right amount of light

If your home gym is swamped in darkness, you’ll find it extremely difficult to conjure up any kind of real enthusiasm to pay the room a visit. On the other hand, if the whole area has big wide windows, you’ll either be blinded by the sunlight during early morning workouts, or feel a little self-conscious when neighbors walk by with the dog and offer you an awkward wave.

The key is getting enough light inside to brighten up your workout space without compromising on privacy. A great way to do this is by installing window shutters. The specific kind of shutters that you’ll need will depend on the dimensions of your workout space, of course, and there are a number of special shutters available, such as tier-on-tier shutters, which are perfect for home gyms.

Feel the music

Blasting tunes can help to distract you when you’re on a marathon-style treadmill run and pump you up when you’re pushing out that final set on the bench-press. By installing a top-notch sound system in your home gym with Bluetooth compatibility, you can easily select the songs that will get you going without the need for headphones.

There are a dizzying range of systems available online these days, and it’s worth considering the size and shape of your workout space before you select one. You don’t want the system to be blowing off the roof, but you don’t want it to be emitting a timid, tinny sound when you’re trying to push for the burn either.

Are you not entertained?

If you find that you rush through your workout sessions in a bid to get back to the sofa, you can solve the problem by installing an entertainment center inside your home gym. It doesn’t have to cost much either. Grab yourself a reasonably sized television set, prop it up in front of the treadmill or yoga mat, and use a Chromecast or Apple TV device to beam movies, TV programs, and music to the TV from your phone or PC in another room. These little tech pieces are extremely affordable and can help you to turn your workout space into a place that you’ll never want to leave.

Reflect on your progress with a full-length mirror

Installing a huge mirror in your home gym may sound like a vanity project, but in reality it can prove to be hugely beneficial to your progress. By staring back at your reflection, you can monitor your form when you’re lifting weights and curling dumbbells, which can ensure that you get the very best workout possible whilst lowering the risk of injury.

Big mirrors can also help to spread natural light around the room, making your workout space feel brighter and bigger.

Installing a gym in your home is the perfect way to improve physique, allowing you to develop the body that you’ve always wanted without sharing a workout space with the rest of the working crowd. You’ll get fit and have fun whilst doing it – what’s not to love?