Get Rid Of These Common Mattress Myths And Ensure To Make A Right Mattress Choice!

Buying a mattress involves so many variables and people fall easily in the trap of misleading information especially when it comes to mattresses. Therefore, it is very important to separate facts from fiction.

If you really want to shop smartly and without any fear, you should be armed with proper knowledge beforehand. Read on to know the most common mattress myths and best ways to avoid them!

The higher the price, better the bed

In the mattress world, you have an ample of options at various price points at While it is true that more costly mattresses consist of high quality and proprietary materials, you need to check whether the mattress you are considering is comfortable as well. So, ensure to test many different beds before you make a final choice and don’t just go for the one that is expensive.

Firm mattresses are ideal for everyone

Rather than going for the firmest mattress out there, you should pick up the one that helps your body to relax and to get regenerative sleep. You need a mattress that exactly conforms to your normal sleeping positions along with supporting all the areas of body and that offers you proper support and conformability. Generally, the mattresses fall into three major categories, soft, medium, and firm mattresses.

Soft mattresses can easily conform to your body’s shape, but they may fail to offer uniform support across your body. Medium mattresses offer equal conformability as well as support. On the other hand, very firm mattresses deliver good support but less conformability that may lead to the pressure point pain for some people.

Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm may create pains and aches on the pressure points leading to night full of turning and tossing. It is therefore important to pick the one that best supports your shoulders, hips, and head in proper alignment.

Buying a mattress offering longest warranty is the best idea

Some people have a misconception that mattress warranties refer to life expectation of the purchase. However, the warranty actually covers the materials and workmanship. Just like other products that are used with extreme regularity, you may notice the wear and tear even before reaching end of warranty.

There are hardly any differences in terms and conditions of the warranties from one manufacturer to other, but you should be particular and should read warranty related information carefully while buying new mattress. You should also take a note that the transportation cost is normally not covered in case of any replacement or repairs. A new warranty is generally not issued when mattress needs to be replaced.

The ideal mattress will prevent turning and tossing

Whether it is a normal twitch or full-out roll, adults move around 75 times a night! We generally move around during night to alleviate pressure point pain as well as to reduce strain and stress on backs and joints. The best mattress for you will offer you pressure point relief and will even reduce your moves at night. As a result, it will ultimately allow you to sleep deeper.

The mattress must be flipped for every few months to ensure its good condition

These days, most of the mattresses are one-sided. It means that they don’t need to be flipped. So now, many people may ask that how can they reduce body impressions and ensure most comfort out of their mattress?

Well, sleep in different positions and places on mattresses to ensure that the entire surface evenly compresses. Moreover, you can even rotate the mattress monthly or for first 6 months and quarterly after that.

If you are also ready to buy the right mattress for you, make sure to free up your mind from above misconceptions. After that, you are sure to buy the perfect one for you!