From Bingo to Clubbing: Your Guide to the Best Entertainment in the UK

The UK is great for entertainment as there is so much you can do to satisfy your interests. If you are visiting the UK for a short period, you will have so much to do, you’ll never be able to fit it all in. But, if you want some ideas for when you arrive, have a look at some of the many things you can do with your time below.


The nightlife in the UK is one of the best in the world, regardless of where you choose to spend your days. There are hundreds of big clubs across the UK and plenty of pubs to take advantage of, so you can be sure that whatever night you fancy going out, there will always be a place open for you to take advantage of. Even small towns and cities will have numerous clubs for you to visit and dance the night away. The UK is well-known for offering a good nightlife, especially in London, and even if you need to travel to a nearby city to enjoy yourself, this is something that’s easily possible with all of the local train and coach services on offer.

Local Bars and Restaurants

There is always something going on in the many cities and towns throughout the UK and going to the local bars and restaurants will give you a good idea of how big entertainment is in the UK. Even if you fancy going out on a Tuesday night to your local pub or bar, you can be sure the locals are getting entertained, whether that be from a simple quiz night or a rock band performance. Many local restaurants offer food eating competitions too, so if you fancy yourself as a bit of a big eater, going to test out your ability in a local establishment is usually possible.

Local Bingo

Bingo is a popular game in the UK and even younger adults head for a night out with their eyes down instead of going clubbing. It’s a fun activity and there’s a good chance you can leave your local bingo hall with more money than you came out with. If going out isn’t your thing and you would rather stay in your hotel for the evening, playing the game on an online bingo site will give you the same experience from your laptop or mobile.

Other Activities

If you like to learn things and try out new activities, taking advantage of sites like Groupon will give you the chance to try something new in the area you are staying in. Groupon offers cheap activities for people with different interests, so whether you want to go and watch a local football team with a cheap ticket, or you want to learn how to handcraft gifts, using the site will give you many ideas and discounts that will ensure you get to do it all for as cheap as possible.

Online Entertainment

If you are not someone that likes to go out clubbing or drinking, the internet is widely used in the UK thanks to Wi-Fi technology, so you will always have access to online entertainment via one of your devices. You can take advantage of Netflix, social media, and all of the video sites such as YouTube that will see to it that you are well entertained when sat in your hotel.

There is so much to do in the UK, it is almost impossible to list everything, but looking online for things to do in your area will give you plenty of great options.