Five Effective Ways to Help You Evaluate Employee Performance

In any kind of business, employees play a vital role in leading the business to success. They do the necessary work to achieve the company’s goals. However, studies show that most workers are distracted by their cell phone and the internet. This usually results in lower yield and poor quality of work.

Employers should then accurately gauge the performance of their employees. In this way, they gain valuable insight that can help improve employee performance.Here, we list five ways that can be used to assess an employee’s performance.

Check the company’s goals and objectives.

In this method, you will determine how your employee’s individual output contribute to the company’s targets and goals. First, clearly define the objectives they need to accomplish. Then, provide them with the necessary data and tools.For instance, the company aims to increase client retention for the next year. You may give them rewards or training. In turn, client complaints should decrease. Also, problems related to clients are quickly resolved.Monitor their progress by making them report to their supervisor regularly. By developing such system, you can see if their output has contributed to the company’s goals.

Utilize the 360-degree feedback method.

The 360-degree feedback method uses the comments and feedback from one’s co-workers. This method is only valid for workers interacting daily. The employee performance will be based on assessments by their co-workers. It will include selected people below and above their job level. The evaluators should be fully aware of their co-worker’s daily duties, credentials, and role in the company. This method is reliable since feedback comes from several people. They also relate their co-worker’s output to the team’s goals. Also, it gives the employee insights about his or her weaknesses and strengths as viewed by other people.

Use employee performance evaluation software.

Another effective way to assess employee performance is with an evaluation software. All the data you need is just within your hand’s reach. Most applications give a detailed compilation of employee assessments as well as other important data shown in an organized manner. The one from gives an updated feedback system on employee performance. It includes self-assessments and peer reviews. Client satisfaction ratings and 360-degree reviews are available as well. Download mobile apps from Google play or Itunes store free. The application is fully customizable and user-friendly. It also uses world-class safety technologies for your data. Moreover, the application allows you to monitor a project’s progress real-time. This helps the managers make informed decisions. They can see if some workers require help. They can also choose to reward others for good results.

Measure their sales performance.

One indicator of a company’s success is its sales revenue. Thus, measuring the sales revenue of each employee can give a glimpse of their performance. First create a baseline based on other businesses with a similar product type, size, and market. The total amount of sales should be noted. The number of new clients acquired should be recorded. The number of calls made to current and potential clients should also be known. Expenses made per sale should also be accounted for. Also, consider the current market conditions and trend during evaluations.

Quantify their service productivity.

Service productivity can be measured using different indicators. It can be based on the number of clients assisted in an hour. It can depend on the number of tasks accomplished. The speed of service or product delivery is also a factor. Again, you must first set a baseline by which you will compare your employee’s yield. You must also consider other factors that can decrease service productivity. These can range from equipment failures to staff absences. Update your baseline every six to twelve months.Then, re-assess employees according to current operating conditions and market situation.


Employee performance practically dictates whether a company will succeed or fail. Employees should stay constantly motivated and interested in their work. In this way, they will be able to achieve the best results. Companies should then properly communicate with each employee. A better understanding of each other’s situation can help solve major problems. Also, it is best to develop a positive work environment. It will serve as an avenue for hard work and good ideas.