The Top Ford Car Models of All Time

The modern car industry is at its boom due the consumerist approach amongst the public. Ford has been playing an important role in the industry since 1903. This company has come up with brilliant rides from bringing innovative motoring to beating a number of competitors.

They have produced hundreds of vehicles over these hundred years. Most of them proved to be a staggering success. But there were some of them that stood out completely in the industry. Here are some of the models listed:

Ford F-Series

This is highest-selling model of all time exceeding over 14 million sales in the United States only through 2015. In 1948, these full sized pickups were introduced and still remains a popular choice amongst the people today.

Ford F-150 highlights the series which still remains the bestselling vehicle since its release in 1975. F-series as a whole have sold over 33 million units worldwide.

Ford Escort

Ford Escort initially gained a lot of popularity in Europe and was then released in the United States in 1980s. The compact- family sized car was the first American vehicle to provide front wheel drive.

This model remained in production till 2003 when it was replaced by Ford Focus. Over 20 million units were sold worldwide during its time.

Ford Model T

This was the first affordable vehicle widely produced in the United States from 1908-1927. Even though this model was produced hundred years ago, the model still remains among top 10 cars sold of all time with over 17 million units sold.

The implementation of assembly line made by Henry Ford changed arena of manufacturing forever. This model revolutionized the concept of automobile production.

Ford Mustang

The ‘pony car’ category of vehicles was brought in the automotive world in the 1960s by this car. This model gained immense popularity due to the sporty look it offered and has sold over 9 million units in the United States only.

It is still making changes in the industry and has been one of the most popular cars of all time. The sixth generation of Ford Mustang has brought waves of enthusiasm among avid racers.

Ford Explorer

It is one of the most popular sports utility vehicles you will find on the roads today. Since its inception to the market in 1991, it has changed the way drivers perceive SUVs. Its fifth generation has sold over 6 million units till this date.

Ford Fiesta

This is the best selling car of all time in Great Britain with over 4 million units sold in the United Kingdom since 1976. Over 16 million units are sold worldwide. The seventh generation of this model was released in 2010 which again took the market with a surprise.


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