Essential technologies your business needs this 2017

New business technological trends are being predicted and reported each year. This time around, market research firm Gartner predicts that companies worldwide will spend around $3.5 trillion on IT in 2017.

Companies are expected to improve their technology use by spending on software, services, and hardware, as they all rush to buy their tech through service providers like Konica Minolta Australia who offer multiple expertise and products. If you’re in the manufacturing, design or any other production service, then chances are you need to capitalize on cutting edge technology if you hope to succeed or stay ahead of your competition.

Here are some trends that will be beneficial for your business this year.

Cloud. Cloud has been the most buzzed technology term in the past couple of years and yet, not all businesses are leveraging on its benefits. Using cloud services offers small startups and large conglomerates with a host of competitive advantages. For example, you won’t need to spend a lot of capital to rebuild infrastructure when necessary. Cloud gives large businesses more agility and small businesses a more stable and secure environment. It increases uptime, secures data, and decrease environmental impact.

Business Intelligence. This trend is even integrated into Office 365, which gives businesses and individuals alike the ability to manipulate data to evaluate new trends, discover vital information as well as generate key reports. This made this technology immediately invaluable to any business. The ability to utilize existing data in new ways is necessary for the age of information.

Security. Your business is continually assaulted from all sides, whether you see it or not. This is why your security needs to be the best available for its job. Even if you’re operating a small business, you’re at risk of being hacked or having your networks infected. You need a unified threat management (UTM) system. This is vital in not only protecting your date but in safeguarding that date that your clients have entrusted you with as well.

Virtualization. A no-brainer if your business has an on-premise equipment. It lets you convert physical equipment into virtual, which allows you to consolidate equipment. It’s very cost-effective and environmentally friendly for technology growth.

Disaster recovery. What can you do to get back lost data after an unfortunate event? This critical question is why disaster recovery is important. If your hardware is damaged, how quickly can you acquire the data stored on that device for use? If the connection goes down or an error disrupts your work, how soon can you get back to normal operations? You need a technology in play the reduced the amount of time your data or entire production is out of commission.

Advanced prototyping. This is now a staple for many manufacturers, inventors, and every business looking to create faster product prototypes or even build quick materials ready for use. Early adopters of 3D technology (which has been around for years now) are already experiencing the positive transformation of their end-to-end businesses processes, from conceptualization to production.

Where to look for business technology

One quick online search of the technology you need will show you available products near your area. Aim to purchase technology and/or expertise from top providers like Konica Minolta Australia if your business is in the same country for instance.

While you may not be able to adopt all the trendy technologies that come your way, take note that the essential technologies we discussed above can reduce cost, save space, enhance security and help your company boost production and sales.