Mobile app development gets smarter in 2017

When smartphones first entered the market, apps were often used to provide business-related information to potential customers. However, with time, numerous associations have advanced to creating custom applications that streamline, mechanize or reexamine how a client tends to interact with an establishment and its employees. As developers attempt to adapt to the continually expanding request from businesses for more user-friendly applications, a rise in the development of efficient tools have occurred. These tools enable developers to create better apps and meet the demands of businesses they’re working for.

Progress isn’t slowing down anytime soon. That is why mobile apps have evolved. They now play a significant role in a wider digital world that we live in. It has its use in administering business, a streamlined client experience, offering an expanded digital reality, and more.

Artificial Intelligence Has Become Smarter

Though a lot of businesses are focusing on creating the best apps to help grow their presence, a lot of establishments have exhibited interest in Artificial Intelligence or AI. There seems to be a craze about providing people with digital assistance such as Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Window’s Cortana. Major companies such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Seamgen keep pushing the envelope of innovation. AI is a reality that we, as humans, have to live with. While it still has some steps to go, nonetheless, science is working day and night to improve it. The goal of AI experts is to create a machine that can mimic how a human brain works and interacts with the environment. Currently, AI can process language, work as sensors, process massive amounts of data, as well as perform other tasks that can provide an impressive user-centric design to anyone who makes use of related devices.

Smart buildings also come under highly developed AI. These establishments can learn from as well as respond to human behavior. Such an AI can detect and interpret certain actions such as unlocking a door through the motion of a hand, recognizing facial expression, or making use of sound to perform a task.

Important Thing For Businesses To Know in 2017

It is predicted that we will see an expansion in both the buildup and the utilization of chatbots during this year. These bots, along with digital assistants, will work together to make apps more consumer-friendly. Businesses can take advantage of these advancements to improve their already created apps or design new apps that’ll provide the best user experience.

While apps are advancing in the features they’re able to provide, results from mobile surveys report that organizations aren’t creating the amount of apps they should. According to a survey, which was sponsored by Red Hat, healthcare organizations (in both America and Europe) aren’t making use of as many apps as they should for improving customer interaction and becoming more productive.

Such organizations should learn how to adopt chatbots and possibly integrate AI into their projects efficiently. Whether through apps or AI, or even a combination of both, it is a fact that the digital world has a lot to offer business. That is why they should do what they can and utilize available tools for customer engagement and nourishing their own growth as a business.

The original article was written by Clare Grant, general manager, Red Hat, on

The Enterprisers Project.