Dan Doyle Shares Tips on How To Market And Grow Your Photography Business

When you would like to market and grow your photography business, you need to take a few steps that improve your performance online, help you find partners, and help you find customers. There are a few tips below that explain how you can grow your business in several ways. You can start with some basic tips, and you can step up to more advanced marketing ideas as your business grows. As Daniel Doyle of Pleasantville, New York explains these steps, it will become clear that a photography business can be very diverse.

Start Social Media Pages

Dan Doyle recommends that photographers start social media pages to promote their businesses. A social media page can post photographs you have taken, post ads for your business, and ask for advice on your photographs.

Every social media platform has its own customer base, and you should try to attract all these customers as much as you can. When you start with something like Facebook, you can create a business page. You can interact with other photographers on Twitter, and you can share photos on Instagram.

You can interact with your potential customers and fans in the comments, and they will go to your website because they are more interested in your business. This is a good way to offer customer service, and it is also a good way for you to better explain what you do. Some people have specific questions that you can answer, and you can continue the conversation in the comments until your customers are ready to book with you.

Find Partners In The Area

Every photography business should have partners in the industry. When you find partners, you will discover that it is easy to share clients. You might also have partners who work in a parallel field. Wedding photographers can work with officiants, caterers, planners, and florists.

You might also want to find partners in the area that ask you to take photos of the models for their catalogs, need photographers for their landscape designs, or need a photographer to take pictures of homes for sale. Every partner you work with can bring your more business, and they should also take a few of your business cards so that they can pass them out to people they will meet in the future.

Build An Amazing Website

Daniel Doyle recommends that you build a very nice website that shows off your pictures, explains what you do, and allows customers to get in touch with you. The website that you use should be the home base for all the things that you do, and you can link back to the website at any time.

The website should also have different pages for all the different services you offer. If you handle weddings, you should have a page just for wedding photos. You can talk about your landscape photos, your business services, and how you work with models. All these tips make it easier for your customers to get an idea of what you can do for them.

If your website does not answer everyone’s questions, it is hard for you to keep customers around. They will get bored or frustrated before they move on.

Guest Posts

When you are working with partners, you need to ask for as much guest post space as you can get. Guest posts allow you to talk about the work that you do, and you can link back to your website when you post about your photography. This is a good way to find people in different industries that might want to work with you, and you can expand your reach beyond your local area.

Use Digital Ads

When you would like to market your photography business, you should order digital ads that will reach people who need your services. Using these services ensures that people who search for photographers will see your ads.

You should make sure that you have used digital ads in as many different places as possible. You do not want to spend too much money when you are buying ads, but you can spread out your ads as much as possible. There are social media ads that might b helpful to you, and you can order digital ads through different companies.

Look To Your Local Newspapers Or Magazines

When you can get featured in local newspapers or magazines, you will find that they offer a lot of readers that might not know you are there. You can post your photographs, have an interview with the paper, or have a story done about an event that you recently worked on. These papers are easy to reach, and you can establish a relationship with the paper that allows you to be featured multiple times. You will feel much better knowing you have some consistent publicity, and you can work with the paper to post your ads if you like.

Daniel Doyle recommends that you search for local papers like the ones in Pleasantville New York, but you should also look for newspapers or magazines that are a little farther outside of your local area. When you continue to expand your reach, you can work with more papers or magazines that will advertise your services.

You Can Build Your Photography Business Today

You can build your photography business today using these tips from Dan Doyle. You can start slow by opening up a new website that shows off your work. You should build a website that has several pages to explain all the services you offer, and you can link back to your site from all the social media pages you have started. You can find partners in the area who will help you find new partners, and you can grow your business by working with local advertisers. Every time you add a client, you can do just a little bit more to make your business more profitable.

Written by Callum Jackson