Who is  Artur Ignatenko

Los Angeles is a city of angels and a city of stars, and people from all around the world travel to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams. So did Artur Ignatenko making his way from Ukraine to pursue his dreams in acting and theatrical acts, and he was able to pave his way into scoring a role in Dz My Big Gay Italian Wedding dz.

The success of the show has been running for several years now, and it stars best of the cast members, who take immense pride in showcasing their talent to the people of Los Angeles, and ArturIngantenko is one of them.

Artur plays the role of Andrew Polinski in the play, and he invests every single inch of his talent and aptitude in delivering the best and memorable performance to his a udience, which keeps them coming back for more shows. The role of Andrew Polinski is widely embraced and celebrated among the hardcore fans of the show, and Artur makes sure to give his best portrayal of Andrew Polinski on the stage.

The show My Big Gay Italian Wedding is focusing on satirizing the controversies that are implied on same-sex marriages, and the show also highlight the gay and Italian stereotypes in the most humorous and satirical way possible. The plot of the show has won the hearts of many people across Los Angeles and United States, and the demand for the show has proliferated significantly over the years.

The show stars two main characters, Anthony Pinnunziato and AndrewPolinksi. Anthony is a homosexual Italian-American individual, who expresses his desire to marry his boyfriend, Andrew in a traditional Italian ceremony. However, there is a notable conflict between the mothers of the couple, and Anthony domineering mother would not give her blessing unless And rews mother attend the wedding, and give her blessings to the couple too. She also wishes to carry the ceremony in the presence of a priest; however, the available priests are reluctant to give their blessings to the couple due to the nature of their relationship.

Once things start to settle in, the plot takes a twist by the appearance of Andrew ex-boyfriend, who aims to break up the couple and win Andrew back.

It could be challenging and overbearing to play a character as satirical and complicated as Andrew Polinski, and Artur truly knows what he is doing up on the stage.

He delivers his performance in his truest and realest elements, and he is never hesitant to add dimensions and layers to the complexity of his character. From his facial expressions to his major performance, Artur is truly focused on delivering the best of the best performance to his audience, and he is definitely one of the rising stars in Los Angeles.

Arturs former work encapsulates his talent in the most unique way, and each of his performances conveys a message that he is truly meant to own the stage in a theater. Prior to travelling to USA, Artur has worked as an actor and a filmaker, and he has also organized and hosted events in Ukraine. His first film, The Choice, is critically acclaimed in the cinematic world, and it has also earned him a nomination in the category of Best

Picture. In addition to that, Artur works at an acting studio/workshop to kids, and he enjoys teaching the essentials of acting to the children enrolled under his care.

Artur is not only an amazing entertainer but, he is also creative and talented when it comes to creating artworks and art pieces. He works on making art pieces in his leisure time, and he uploads them habitually and frequently on his Instagram account to share his artwork with his followers and fans.