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There Is A Lawyer For That

Similar to how you would go to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for a ear infection and an Gynaecologist for a women’s exam, there are specialist lawyers for every area of law. This has been a point of general confusion among people in the public, as well as those seeking to go to law school. It would be easy to assume that any lawyer could provide legal services of any kind because a lawyer is a lawyer, right? There is some truth to that statement because any person with a law degree and license is able to legally practice law, you would have to be a superhuman to know and understand all aspects of every kind of law in order to advise. The subject of law itself is very comprehensive and wide-ranging. Especially since laws are constantly evolving and changing, there are specialized lawyers for every subject area, from family lawyers to tax lawyers. When you are looking for a lawyer in a special area, you can trust that the lawyer will cover everything in that area.

Business Lawyers

While business lawyers practice one type of law, there are also specialized business lawyers depending on your business, from corporate lawyers to marijuana business lawyers. In other words, some business lawyers focus their practice on small business and others focus on large enterprises. A business lawyer can help you form your business, or help you with employment and tax issues. Then there are different kinds of business lawyers and one will not do business as the other and vice versa. The two kinds of business lawyers are a business litigation lawyer, which will handle lawsuits against your company and a business transactional lawyer, which primarily is responsible for making negotiations and drafting important business documents. As you can see, depending on what your needs are for a lawyer will depend on what kind of lawyer you fire for the job.

Family Lawyers

“Family lawyers” sounds pretty straight forward, but they deal with all things family-related, from divorce to prenuptial agreements and custody battles. There are family lawyers that specialize in estate planning, called an estate planning lawyers. Then there are lawyers that deal with other specific areas of family life, such as a dog bite lawyer if you or your child is bitten by a dog, or traffic lawyers if your teenager is given a citation for running a stop sign.

Lawyer for Everything

Aside from business lawyers and family lawyers, there are trademark lawyers that deal with copyright and patents. There are criminal defense lawyers and personal injury lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, and immigration lawyers. The list goes on, but the important point here is that when you are looking for a lawyer, make sure you are getting the right one to represent you. Some areas of law overlap, but all areas of law are different and you will want a lawyer that specializes in the area you need. Hiring the wrong lawyer can actually put you into further legal trouble.