Report: Samsung in denial about overweight Galaxy Tab

When it comes to new electronic items, nothing is more convincing than holding an actual device in your hands. The feel, the vibe, it’s all part of the buying experience for most.

But what if you can’t get your hands on the product before purchase? Well, then of course you default to online reviews about the thing written by trustworthy journalists.

Well, Samsung decided to bypass that whole trustworthy journalist thing and just hire actors to talk about how great the new Samsung Galaxy Tab really is.

At a press conference at CTIA in Orlando, the folks at Samsung announced the new 10.1″ Galaxy Tab; a device thinner than the iPad with the same starting price of $499.

At that very press event, the folks at Samsung had the thing locked up in a glass case.

Perhaps it’s because the prototype 10.1″ inch advertised to be smaller than the iPad 2 is actually slightly thicker than the iPad 2.

Even the promotional video, which invites successful New Yorkers to try the Galaxy Tab and share their opinions, seems to be filled with actors.


some serious sleuthing by Technologizer’s Harry McCracken, he discovered the commercial’s interviewees – the so-called “independent film director” and “CEO of a leading New York real estate firm” – both seemed to have online dopplegangers that are instead actors.

The PR snafu indicates perhaps Samsung aimed to get a working 10.1” Galaxy Tab ready by CTIA, yet failed to meet the deadline. When in doubt, hire actors.