Man creates dating site for one

Attention matchmakers: there is someone so desperate to get hitched he will award $10,000 to the person who hooks him up with a bride.

Yes, it’s all part of Chas McFeely’s “year of doing,” a self-proclaimed year where one of the main goals is, you guessed it, marriage.

The 40 year-old-single bachelor admits the idea does sound a bit sketchy. To skeptics he responds, “Fair enough. Basically, I work a lot and never had much luck with online dating. I figured, why not create a site where I’m the only guy.”

And create a dating site he did. The site, which depicts McFeely in various poses suitable for alongside short vignettes about his love for music, his love for San Francisco, and the literary arts.

Corny or classy?

The fun is not limited only to professional matchmakers; instead any Joe Shmoe with a friend can introduce Chas through his or her Facebook page and score the $10,000.

The site was created in the first week of March and McFeely has already received an inbox-full of message from “sisters, mothers, BFFs, coworkers, cousins and neighbors.” Plus a 92-year-old friend of McFeely’s grandmother.

For your chance at thousands and McFeely’s chance of love, simply email hello [at] with an introduction of your friend, and a photo if you feel so “inclined.”

(Via NBC)