Anand Mishra’s Success Story – A Motivation for All Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The Indian web development industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and Anand Mishra has been one of the few entrepreneurs to have successfully capitalized on the opportunity.

While the demand for web development services has been growing across the world, a few of the emerging countries have been witnessing particularly impressive growth in this field. This includes India, a country that’s quickly going digital since the past decade or so.

But how Anand managed to turn this opportunity into success while many other entrepreneurs in the industry succumbed to the challenges? We will find out below.

From an Idea to an Inspiration

Anand Mishra was quick to identify this transformation while it was in its early phases, and decided to build Star Infranet, a company offering web development and online marketing strategies to entrepreneurs.

Anand Mishra CEO and Founder, Star Infranet, obviously did face a lot of challenges when trying to make a mark for himself in the industry. After all, it was a new industry and many entrepreneurs in India are often reluctant to adopt online marketing strategies as they don’t know much about them.

However, entrepreneur Anand Mishra managed to build a name for his company in the industry by quickly making his potential customers aware about the benefits online marketing can have for their business. He was already sure of the potential of online marketing when working as a software programmer for many travel companies, as he realized that they could really benefit from a solid online presence.

And this realization led to a journey of educating himself about online marketing, and over the past few years, he has emerged as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable online marketers. At the same time, it also helped his company, Star Infranet, grow into one of the most reputed online marketing companies in India.

Expanding Outside India

However, Anand and his company Star Infranet didn’t limit themselves to the online marketing industry of India, but also expanded their operations on a global level. On the back of their reputation and reliability as a web services provider – and the creative approach and web marketing expertise of Anand Mishra – they attracted clients from across the world.

In addition to expanding into different locations, Star Infranet also expanded its web services to offer a tailor-made online marketing solution to businesses. This made it so much easier for entrepreneurs to grow their business online without having to deal with the hassle of learning things themselves. It allowed them to do what they did best, which is running their business.

Mishra’s unique approach to his company’s services allowed him to stand out in the web services industry, and despite the competition growing dramatically over the years, the growth doesn’t seem to have slowed down at all for Mishra and his passionate team working at Star Infranet.

Support from the Parent Company

It’s worth mentioning that during Anand’s journey to growth has been supported by the parent company of Star Infranet, Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited. Mishra says that it’s an electronic media company that’s also one of the most popular sources of news in India.

The support from the parent company for Star Infranet has not only been in the form of a wide reach, but also taking care of the marketing side of the business, which helped it grow to the level it has reached today.

However, Mishra’s role has been crucial even in improving the popularity of Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited. He has been working on the company’s digital marketing campaigns to make them widen their reach, and the results he managed to get have helped the company achieve some great success in the Indian media industry.

Building a Passionate Team

However, we all know that when it comes to building a successful company, the founder has to rely on their employees. After all, no big company can be run by a single person. Of course, Star Infranet has been no exception.

But that thing is that even on this front, Mishra’s experience and knowledge of the industry has turned out to be a great asset. This is because despite the country not having the most qualified staff in the web services industry (due to the industry itself being fairly new in India), he managed to build a great team that’s both passionate and knowledgeable about the different types of web services as well as online marketing strategies.

Mishra is aware that the web development and online marketing space is a constantly evolving one, and motivates the team to keep testing new strategies to find what works and what no longer works.

This has allowed him and his company to offer highly effective web development and online marketing solutions to their clients, no matter the algorithm changes Google or other search engines keep coming up with.

Coping with the Biggest Challenge

One of the biggest challenges in the web development space is how easy it has become for business owners to set up their website themselves, without any professional help. But Anand Mishra doesn’t find it to be too big of a hurdle.

He’s instead of the opinion that if someone wants to build a very professional, well optimized, responsive website that’s sure to drive up the conversion rates, the free website builders or some step-by-step guide may not cut it. And as Mishra and his team offer a lot more than just a functional website, his clients find value in his services and are happy to pay for them.

However, something that he personally finds as a major challenge is security issues. More and more websites are falling prey to security attacks, which can obviously be catastrophic for a business that relies on online marketing.

But with the kind of expertise and experience both Anand Mishra and his team bring to the table, their clients feel very secure when letting them manage their websites. And of course, Mishra, too, makes it a priority to ensure that they use the best level of security for their clients’ websites.

The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

As a final word, let us tell you that Anand Mishra’s secret to entrepreneurial success is no rocket-science. He simply follows an approach that focuses on identifying the problems of the target audience, and creating effective solutions to solve them.