Essential Equipment for Vlogging

Lifestyle Vlogging is becoming increasingly popular across social media channels such as YouTube and Vimeo. Sharing the details of your life allows you to build a community that you can eventually monetise. If you’ve always wanted to vlog, but have no idea how to get started, here’s a detailed description of the equipment you’ll need to get started on your journey.

DSLR Cameras

This piece of equipment is essential for any vlogger. A high-quality DSLR camera allows you to shoot footage in 4k resolution, allowing your audience to experience your daily adventures realistically as possible.

A good quality DSLR will set you back a fair amount of money. However, it’s worth the expense. You’ll notice its value when you upload your vlog and start receiving subscriptions, likes, and positive comments for your superior visual production.

Photo Lens

After you’ve purchased a camera, it’s time to enhance its production value by adding a high-quality lens. Fisheyes and telephoto lenses allow you to capture images and video in excellent resolution at any distance.

A fisheye lens is a fantastic starter lens, and it comes at a far less cost than a telephoto lens, and they’re excellent for shooting close-ups where you need to expand the visual frame.

GoPro Camera

Every vlogger needs a GoPro camera. The new GoPro-6 allows you to shoot in high-quality resolution up to 4k.

A GoPro allows you to create personal videos from a first-person perspective, also known as POV (Point of View.) GoPros come with a wide range of accessories that allow you to take them anywhere you go, including underwater.

Solo-Shot Camera

The Solo-Shot is an excellent piece of equipment for capturing video when you’re unable to hold a camera. If you vlog about rock climbing or surfing, for example, a Solo-Shot allows you to capture video without anyone behind the camera.

The technology works using a tracking armband you wear as you go about your activity. The camera calibrates with the armband and effectively tracks your movement in a 180-degree range.

Tripods and Flexi-Stems

Holding a camera isn’t possible in some situations. If you’re interviewing someone, or want to talk to the camera face to face, setting up a tripod prevents the shot from slipping out of frame.

Tripods and flexi-stems come in a range of different sizes and styles that allow you to adjust the height and angle of the camera with ease.


Have you ever watched a vlog with poor volume? That happens because the vlogger is too far away from their camera for the receiver to pick up sound efficiently, resulting in a weak audio track that frustrates their audience.

There’s nothing worse than having to continually adjust the master volume while you’re watching a vlog. Get a clip-on, battery-powered microphone that allows you to capture your voice and surrounding sounds no matter how far away you are from your camera.


Increase the production value of your vlog by using external light. While you won’t be able to take this equipment on the road with you, it’s essential for studio situations where your interviewing people or recording a high-quality podcast.

Hard Drives

Vlogging in 4k requires extensive storage space to hold your archive of footage. Its relatively common for vloggers to have multiple, high-volume storage drives. Purchase a desktop hard drive that has up to 10TB of storage space, as well as a portable drive that can hold up to 2TB of data.

Editing Suites

A video editing suite is a critical software for any vlogger. Try out video editor for windows 7. This suite allows you to import files, cut video, add soundtracks, speech bubbles, anecdotes, and calls to action.

The majority of the effort required to produce a successful vlog comes in the editing process. You may spend a few hours shooting video each day, but endless hours cutting and editing your vlog into a bite-sized chunk of content that your audience will love.

Wrapping Up – Get Creative

Successful vlogs are creative. Analyze what other vloggers in your niche are doing and emulate their production style. With enough time, patience, and practice, as well as the right equipment, you’re sure to gain a considerable following, good luck with your journey!