11 days until Apple’s event: TGDaily unveils exclusive new tech specifications!

Still no clues from Apple but that’s not stopping us from reporting about the upcoming media event.

We have done some exhaustive investigation into the upcoming Apple media event and are happy to say that we have uncovered exclusive, behind the scenes technical specifications unpublished anywhere else.

Hold onto your iPhones kids, here’s the inside scoop.

The stage at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts has a proscenium opening that measures 51′ 9″ W x 32′ H, the overall stage dimensions are 83′ 9″ W x 39′ 2″ D x 40′ H, the curtain line to the back wall is 36′ 4″ and the distance from the spot light booth to the proscenium is 140′!

Thems are some mighty impressive statistics and should give Tim Cook plenty of walkin’ and talkin’ space.

But that’s not all!

Power should be no problem. We’ve discovered that there is one 200 amp three-phase cam-lok located downstage right, adjacent to the counterweight locking rail, there are two 400 amp three-phase lug tie-in located in the basement (access to stage is through the trap door upstage right) and just in case Tim needs even more power to run his slide show there is one 100 amp three-phase isolated lug tie-in located in the basement.

And you can be sure that every word will be heard because the Flint Center has a Yamaha Digital M7CL Console and a state of the art JBL 4889 Vertec Line Array system that, according to their website, “is flown from the down stage left and right sides of the proscenium, creating unobstructed viewing from all seat locations. The system will provide clear, undistorted audio reproduction in every seat in the house from lectures to high volume contemporary live music.” However, they also say that “Preferential equipment may need to be sub-rented as circumstances dictate.”

Lastly, we found out that Tim shouldn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions since there are 2 washers and 2 dryers in the laundry on the third floor, a work area and wash sink are in the crossover area (also on the third floor) and ironing boards, iron, and a steamer are available.

We’ll keep you posted as more details become available.