rolls out cloud-based sales tools has unveiled an ambitious new plan to give sales representatives even more insights into the buying style of prospects through its new Salesforce1 Sales Cloud service.

The new suite brings together the power of Salesforce1 Sales Cloud, Pardot and Communities into one solution that allows sales representatives to connect with customers in new ways.

“With Salesforce1 Sales Reach, sales reps can engage with the customer at just the right moment with instant marketing and selling to build better relationships with customers at scale and ultimately accelerate sales,” said Linda Crawford, EVP and GM of Sales Cloud at

There are various different aspects that make up the new service and it’s hoped the on-the-spot marketing and selling tools will let sales reps bring 1:1 campaigns to advance buyers through the sales process and all this from a mobile device.

Micro Campaigns mean that sales reps can spin up and deploy micro marketing on prospective customers in a range of new ways and based upon the behaviour of each individual.

The Salesforce1 mobile app includes pop-up notifications that give sales reps real-time activity alerts to instantly see how customers are interacting with their company and products.

Sales Reach’s lead tracking affords sales reps the opportunity to glance over a 36-hour activity record of prospects’ actions. This can then be filtered based on priorities, and narrowed down to specific data to work out the most active customers.

Trends and behaviour patterns will be able to be identified more easily and the best performing campaigns can be pin-pointed for expansion, and prospective customers can now be easily added to specific marketing campaigns from within the app.

It has also designed a Salesforce Communities for Prospects suite that lets prospects interact with other and exchange insights immediately. Sales reps will also be a part of this and be able to connect with multiple prospects to answer questions and share critical information. Salesforce1 Sales Reach will be available during the first half of 2015 with pricing set to be announced in due course.