Rent-a-Drone: best idea we have heard

Unfortunately, this is something that applies to people in San Francisco only, but we think it is a great idea. We don’t want to be Glassholes all of the time, but it sure would be nice to just see what it feels like

Photojojo, the popular photography newsletter and online store, launched its brand new rental program that lets people “borrow the weirdest, funnest, newest and most rare photo-making stuff on the planet.”It’s a pretty cool program: A flying drone with a GoPro camera attached to it goes for just $49 per day, a Digital Bolex that typically goes for $3,299 can be rented for $129 per day, and you can experiment with being a Glasshole for $40 per day. For now, Photojojo rentals is only in San Francisco, but if it all goes well, it could expand into other areas in the months ahead.