7 Fashion Accessories You Should Wear To Enhance Your Look

Fashion is not just the kind of clothes you wear; it is also how well you accessorize it. Accessories have the uncanny ability of enhancing or diminishing your look irrespective to however fashionable may be your clothes. It is the dream of every woman to be effortlessly fashionable and aptly accessorized for an elegance which is just right.

What are fashion accessories?

Accessories are catalysts that speak about your personality. They can be anything from bags, belts, shoes, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, watches sunglasses etc. In short it is everything else other than the clothes that you are wearing whether a t-shirt dress or an evening gown or some other casual wear. When you are out to shop for accessories you will notice that there are many beautiful accessories in the different forms mentioned above available in the market. You can shop them according to the different moods and occasions.

Since there are so many options to choose from for accessorizing the different occasions you can tend to overdo or underrate the accessorizing process. The key here is to know the right mix and match of accessories every time to get a new look each and every time even with the same accessories. For e.g. if you are getting ready for an upcoming bike ride date you can accessorize your biker dress with those skull jewelry. These accessories are exclusively available with the Bikerringshop brand.

Here are a few tips to choose the right accessories for every occasion:

Choosing color of the accessories that complement the outfit:

It is just not the color of the outfit that matters but it is also the color of your skin that has to be taken into consideration while choosing the right accessory. Also don’t try to be matching all red accessories on a red outfit. This is a big turn off for the people who look at you in such an appearance. Always try to wear contrasting colors that are catchy to the eye but not stingy.

Size does matter:

The size and shape of your body play an important role on choosing your accessories. Imagine a tiny person wearing a huge hat or a person on the heavier side trying to fit on those clinch belts on their waists. Accessorize to impress not be a laughing stock.

Age and occasion appropriateness:

Also ensure your accessories are apt for the occasion you are attending as well as compliment your age. You don’t want to wear jazzy pieces of skull bracelets to a mourning ceremony, do you?

Less the better:

Another vital tip, don’t overdo your accessories. It makes you look classless and casts all the wrong type of impression about your fashion sense.

Now let us have a look at the most basic 7 types of accessories which are a must to enhance that look:

1. A clutch:

It is a given that ladies can’t do without their makeup wherever they go, which means they need something to hold them in. What could be better than a petite sized clutch that is just right and big enough to hold you cell phone, a lipstick, compact and few dollars?

2. A pair of elegant earrings:

This is a basic form of jewelry to enhance the curve and shape of your face. If chosen wisely according to your features it can create wonders for your look.

3. A pair of sunglasses:

This accessory is more like a necessity in this hot summer sum to shield your eyes but the right frame and shade of the glasses can create an aura of suspense and curiosity about you.

4. A shady hat:

Again ore of a necessity than an accessory, this type of hats have many styles and patterns to choose from. Look in the right places and try a few styles before settling on one which is just the one for you.

5. A faux leather satchel:

When you are looking for a leather satchel you might want to look for a color and shade that can be of multiple uses with different outfits as well as occasions.

6. Silk scarves:

This accessory will heighten your style quotient a notch higher. A great combination which can match with those rugged looks or even a casual date it can be worn around your neck or also around the satchel you carry. A different scarf for different occasion can give a different look to your satchel every time.

7. A neck piece:

There should be an accessory to adorn that swan like neck as well as enhance the beauty of the clothes worn. A choker, skull necklaces or a lariat necklace will be just right depending on the occasion.

These are just the basics but the accessories people wear are usually according to their style and tastes.