Best Ways To Get A Hollywood Smile

We all strive for perfection and when it comes to sparkling, Hollywood smiles, everyone wants one. But, getting a pearly white smile isn’t something that can be achieved overnight and people without a budget big enough to buy a brand new set of gnashers are probably going to have a more difficult task ahead than those who do. Still, everyone can afford to take care of their teeth a little bit more and if you want to brighten you smile, here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Avoid sugary, staining and acidic foods

Whatever you put in your mouth is going to show on your teeth if you’re not careful and the whiteness of your smile is often affected by what you eat. Drinks like coffee and red wine can all stain the surface of your teeth, giving them a greyish tinge or creating brown patches. Acidic foods like lemons and white wine can damage the enamel on your teeth and thin it, allowing the yellow of the inner materials of your teeth to show through. Sugary foods are probably the worst because the acid that certain bacteria create after eating sugars can create holes in your teeth and rot them, which can eventually lead to you losing teeth altogether. While you don’t need to cut all of your favourite foods out of your life, if you want a Hollywood smile, you need to at least cut back on them and brush your teeth after eating them. You can also get rid of harmful acids and sugars that might be lingering in your mouth by drinking water regularly throughout the day.

Whiten your teeth the right way

Many people think that DIY whitening kits are going to give their teeth the whiteness they want, but they rarely do. Most whitening kits that you apply at home either don’t last very long, don’t work, or they damage your teeth. If you want long-lasting white teeth, then you need to have them whitened professionally. One great company that many people recommend is Longevita, who offer teeth whitening in Turkey and great results for fair prices. Book a consultation with them today if you’re not certain about the procedure, but with a professional in charge of your whitening, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best possible results and a white smile that will last.

Commit to cleaning your teeth

If you want white teeth, then you really have to take care of them, and that means doing more than just running a toothbrush over them once or twice a day. You should be brushing your teeth thoroughly in the morning and the evening as well as flossing them. If you feel as though a manual toothbrush is not doing a good enough job, consider purchasing an electric toothbrush. These can remove almost double the amount of plaque as a manual toothbrush and are much easier to use. If you have trouble using string floss, you can also buy a water flosser, which makes flossing easier and more fun and produces far less waste.

The Hollywood smile isn’t going to be something that everyone can achieve, but a healthy smile is. Taking care of your teeth is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body and by regularly seeing your dentist and making smart decisions in your day to day life, you can have a strong set of teeth that will last you for a very long time.