Comcast debuts Netflix competitor

Comcast is planning on entering the streaming video market.

The field is currently dominated by Netflix but the cable provider hopes its existing connection with content providers and its large subscriber base will jolt it to a position of being a formidable Netflix rival.

The Comcast service, to be called Xfinity Streampix, will likely be available by the end of the year, and it will reportedly launch with support for Android devices. The Xbox 360 is also on the TV company’s mind.

As part of the new initiative, partnerships have already been forged with Disney, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, and Cookie Jar Entertainment. Comcast pointed to its on-demand app that is currently offers, but this would clearly be a much different service.

“With Streampix, the Xfinity TV service is a comprehensive video solution that lets users watch TV episodes of current seasons and complete past seasons of broadcast and cable hits,” the company announced in a statement.

Comcast isn’t the only pay-TV provider looking to get into the market of streaming video. Verizon, which offers Fios TV service to select parts of the country, is also in talks with content providers to launch its own rival to Netflix.

Of course, the major player in TV streaming right now is Hulu, with new episodes available within one day of airing over cable or broadcast networks. Comcast’s most analogous competitor may be Hulu, but it no doubt has stronger visions of grabbing Netflix subscriber base.