Syfy orders pilot for The Dover Agenda

Syfy has purchased a script for The Dover Agendafrom Sons of Anarchy scribe Brett Conrad. 

The show will follow the story of a young man who meets his future self. He’s apparently come back in time to work for a secret government organization tasked with investigating fringe science and future tech events.

As the two work together, the younger version starts to see his future self as a person he doesn’t wish to become.

This certainly sounds quite similar to the plot of the recently cancelled comic book line The Infinite. I’m sure it will look a lot less like it once we get some more details, but for now, it’s difficult to picture something else.

However, it’s definitely an interesting premise which deserves to be explored. If SyFy gets the right talent, especially for the actor playing two characters, the series could turn out to be really great.

Lately, Sci-Fi’s serials have been very high quality and well-cast, especially for a cable network. While their TV movies are still mostly too silly, I trust their TV production division for now, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they present this story.

Conrad is currently in the process of rewriting the pilot script to fit the 90-minute pilot format Syfy typically demands.

So far, the only other name associated with the project is Barry Josephson, who will be exec producing the show. No casting has been done yet, and no production dates have been announced.

If there are no delays, I would expect The Dover Agenda to air its pilot this fall.