5 Ways Live Video Streaming Help Build Business Brands Online

Strong brands meet the needs of customers and make them feel better and special. Customers in turn develop loyalty and love for strong brands and share the good feeling with other people. This means that businesses that customers to remain loyal to their brand have to give them stuff that makes them feel special. While there are many things that go into developing strong brands, live video streaming can help businesses get there faster. This is because live streams are more engaging compared to other mediums of content dissemination. They offer real experiences required to inform viewers what a brand offers and win their confidence. Here are five ways to connect with audience with your brand using live streamed videos:

1. Company News and Messages

News streaming is a great way to use technology to get announcements such as organizational changes, acquisitions, product launches or charity work out to the external audience. Live streaming news with this kind of messages makes the target audience feel that businesses care and enables them to share in the excitement that such moments bring. By using live streamed videos, businesses provide opportunities for their target audiences to watch as well as listen to news or messages directly from the source.

2. Showcase your Business Culture

Live streams may also be used to let customers know how a company’s culture is like. They are ideal replacements for yearly holiday videos that businesses release during yearly special occasions such as Halloween. Such videos create a feeling of what a business really is by building a vibrant, fun-loving face that the target audience can connect with. Instead of preparing one sided videos based on a storyboard idea, including some live streamed pieces in the mix enables your audience to get a taste of life in your business or work-place.

3. Host Webinars or Event Sessions

Building a brand is a process, not a one-off or temporary activity. Businesses can provide information that adds value to their target audiences and demonstrate to them what they believe in. For instance, businesses can choose to stream speaking events that provide chances for thought leadership live. They can also choose to host webinars and provide viewers with valuable knowledge and information to enable them achieve their goals. Though not every person who views the live stream will pay for products or services that a business offers, they will be happy to learn stuff from you and will feel they are well included. If you plan to use webinars, be sure to gate them and collect leads. Also, allow your audience to ask questions and respond to them during the webinar, this will enhance you connection with them.

4. Set-up Training Sessions

Live streamed videos may be used to help target audience address challenges they experience with products or services or provide insights on specific issues. For instance, businesses that deal with electronic devices can hold how-to-live sessions to guide buyers on how to use or trouble should gadgets. Through the use of such videos, businesses find ways to engage with their target audiences in real ways and customers fell that they have been listened to and their concerns understood well. Instead of sharing document-based knowledge with an audience or sending them to a YouTube page, businesses can provide them with personal experiences that they can connect with.

5.   Host Live Talk Shows

Businesses often have brand ambassadors who are focused on creating as well as maintaining positive experiences for customers. Such people could be provided with live streaming opportunities to share updates and news with customers. Such opportunities may be used to complement company newsletters by adding a personal connection to the business brand.