5 Tips to Create Yard Signs That Attract Customers

So, you’re planning on making some yard signs to promote your product or service? Well, you might think that it’s pretty simple to make a yard sign. And sure, it can be pretty easy if you just want to get any yard sign out there on the side of the road. But if you want to create signs that are actually going to bring you a strong return on your investment by bringing more customers through your door, you’ve got to keep in mind the following tips that we’re going to go through in this article.

Because there’s definitely right and wrong ways to design and place yard signs around your community. If you don’t put a lot of thought into this, then you could find yourself paying for a ton of signs that aren’t going to bring any return on your investment. And since you’re a business owner, you know how much ROI means for your bottom line.

Keep reading down below to learn more about our top tips for creating yard signs that are going to bring more customers through your doors to buy your product or service.

1. Make Sure to Keep It Short and Simple

When your designing a yard sign for the first time, your first reaction might be to get as much information on there as possible. You want to ensure that your customer gets as much information about your product as possible, right? Well, when it comes to yard signs, this might not be the best way to get customers. It turns out that you should aim to keep your yard sign’s message as short and simple as possible, while getting all of the necessary information on there. And you might be wondering how you can fit all of that on one-yard sign, but it’s a lot easier than it sounds!

You should aim to keep the text on your sign to below 15 words. Try to make those 15 words as memorable and as important as possible. Think about what is the most important information that your customer needs to know about you – your brand name, contact information, and a call-to-action. Plus, you should ensure that the font you use isn’t too crazy. Go with a simple font that people can see from far away and not have to squint to understand.

2. Keep The Graphics Big and Noticeable

Next up is a factor of your sign that you should definitely make big and noticeable from a distance – your graphics. This is an essential part of any yard sign because this is the factor that’s going to attract the most people to any yard sign. Think of any advertisement that you’ve seen in the past couple of days. What is the one thing that you made you interested in learning more? If you’re like most people, then it’s the logo that was on the advertisement. The same logic goes for your yard signs.

This graphic should be simple, but full of color and be the biggest part of your yard sign design. Most companies will choose their logo for this graphic, but it can be anything that you think portrays your company’s message and what action you’re trying to get from potential customers.

3. Pick The Right Colors, So Your Sign Stands Out from The Others

One of the most important parts of creating a successful yard sign design is to make sure that it stands out from others around it and from the environment its placed in. You know what it’s like when there’s a ton of yard signs that look the same, crowded around each other. You’re likely to just pass by and not give second notice to any of them. However, if you choose colors that make your sign pop and stand out from the others around it, it’s more likely that people will stop and give it a second look.

Forget about pastels and other light colors when you’re designing your sign. Go for bold and bright colors that make a statement. Make sure to understand the proper color pairings before you finish your design though. Colors like black and white, blue and white, and blue and yellow are great colors that go together well.

4. Use The White Space to Your Advantage

Any designer knows that using the white space in your design can make or break it. There’s no need to clutter up your design with tons of text and photos that make your sign look pretty unappealing. Leave a lot of white space around your text and graphics so that your sign is understandable from a distance and looks better to the naked eye. It’s estimated that the ideal amount of white space is around 30 to 40 percent of your graphic, so try to aim for that whenever you’re working on the design.

5. Location, Location, Location

Lastly, one of the make-or-break aspects of your yard sign design is where you actually place the yard sign. The location of your sign – whether that’s in front of your business, on the side of the road, or in front of neighborhood houses – will largely determine what colors you will use for the design. For example, if your hard sign is surrounded by other signs that are largely the color blue, you should aim to make your sign primarily designed around the color red. This way you stand out from the other signs more. Similarly, if your yard sign is surrounded by green trees and grass, make sure not to use too much green on your sign. Otherwise, the sign will just blend in with the surrounding environment and no one will notice it from afar.

If you implement all of the above tips when you’re designing your yard sign, it’s sure to improve the visibility and attractiveness of your signs. From the location of your sign to the type of text you use, there are plenty of things to keep in mind during the design process.