5 Office Resolutions To Pursue in 2017

Out with the old and in with the new, the start of a new year creates an opportunity for employees to come up with new ways to make improvements to the office. Some experts advise to cash in and focus on ergonomics, while others, perhaps on the extreme end, advise to implement playground features to add an element of fun around the workspace.

As such, it is readily understandable that ideas as to what works best leave employers with tough decisions to make. Below we discuss 5 Office Resolutions to Pursue in 2017 That Will Deliver Priceless Rewards.

Use Better Equipment

Possibly one of the most underrated advice for a resolution, practicality plays a fundamental role in ensuring that you bring out the best in your employees. Capitalising on investments such as a laptop holder not only reduces clutter, which therefore improves functionality and reduces stress around the workspace, but has also proven to be ergonomically beneficial.

The adjustable mount holds the device at the appropriate level, reducing stress on the neck, and back. Pair the laptop holder with an ergonomic chair and employees would have the recipe to a happier, and more productive workspace.

Prioritise Health

A great long term investment, providing your employees with the opportunity to stay healthy is the key to achieving success and growth. According to Business News Daily, introducing wellness programs results in healthier employees who are significantly more productive, and are 25% more likely to have a higher job performance.

There are many ways to promote health in the office. Employers could introduce discount programs for gym memberships, incorporate it as one of its core policies, implement corporate sports events, or even provide short events to educate its employees on the importance of healthy eating. Each aforementioned method encourages team bonding and creates a culture which advocates overall wellness.

Go Green

The Guardian reports that introducing plants into the office increases productivity by 15%. Plants add colour to and can help reduce stress in the workplace; some studies even go as far as to say that they can act as a way to cut indoor ozone pollution.

Whatever the case, purchasing a few visually appealing potted plants can also be seen as a reason to introduce more natural light into the office. The benefits of introducing natural light being that it not only keeps the plant alive, but also allows the functioning of two stimulants in the brain which positively affects happiness and productivity. You can never go wrong with plants in the office.

More Training

In this day and age, it is important to meet the dynamic needs of the economy. It’s no secret that the key to success is constant progress and development, so it goes without saying that providing employees with the opportunity to constantly develop their skillsets further would prove to benefit the company in the long run.

According to Fortune, this has allowed some companies to retain and attract some of the best talents in their specific areas of expertise. Moreover, it is a popular perk which is sure to make a positive impact on the company’s brand.


It is important to ensure that employees feel engaged with their work; the more engaged the employee, the more effort put into the job or task. The rule of thumb is to create opportunities for employees to voice out their interests and opinions. There are many ways to do this- corporations such as Facebook holds events such as searchlight meetings, a short and fun event used to allow employees to suggest referrals for any available position in the company; employers could also employ regular feedback systems to show that the opinions of their employees are valued.

The resolutions discussed above mimics some of the values of successful businesses. Invest on better gadgets, health, and employee well-being and be rewarded with success in 2017.