4 Ways to Make Your Office or Business Healthier and Greener in 2017

Our workplace is where we spend the majority of our time during the week, so it’s important that it’s a space that’s not only environmentally-friendly but also good for our physical and mental health.

Employers are beginning to see there are plenty of benefits to working on designing and creating office spaces that are eco-friendly and also healthy for the people who work there. It’s inspiring and motivating to work in a well-designed office, it can be useful for branding to focus on these areas, it can improve employee productivity and retention, and a greener office can also save the company money.

Below are four resolutions you can make right now to boost the health and well-being of your employees and the environment in 2017.

Add Plants

Research shows that adding live plants and greenery to an office can have a lot of positive benefits. Plants in the office can have a real impact on emotions and mental state, and they can also purify the air and boost oxygen in the room.

Some modern offices are even starting to include entire living walls as part of their interior design.

Use Outdoor Shades

If your office building permits, outdoor shades can be an excellent investment. They are, as the name implies, shades that are installed on the exterior of a window.

They’re great for a few different reasons. Perhaps the biggest advantage of these outdoor shades is the fact that they can provide an additional layer of insulation for an office space, which can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

They also have the advantages of window coverings, such as glare reduction, but they ensure employees will still be able to enjoy natural light and outdoor views, which is important for morale.

Take Advantage of Telecommuting and Teleconferences

With all of the available communication technology, more businesses and employers are letting employees take advantage of the benefits that come with the flexibility of working remotely, at least some of the time.

When your staff members are allowed occasionally telecommute or participate in teleconferences rather than traveling for meetings, it tends to make for more satisfied employees. That means fewer sick days and more productivity.

It also helps reduce the overall carbon footprint of your office, since employees aren’t traveling by vehicles to work. You can also save money on energy costs and the costs of general supplies if employees are in the office fewer days each week.

Make It a Fun Competition

Most of us perform well when a little friendly competition challenges us. To wrap up this list of ways to make 2017 greener and healthier for everyone in your office, consider launching the changes with a small game or competition that will encourage everyone to get involved.

You can continue that sense of competition throughout the year by celebrating milestones or progress made toward achieving individual goals. It will help you cement a culture that values healthy employees, a healthy workplace, and more environmental consciousness.