A Workplace That Works: The Importance of a Well-Designed Workspace

It might sound strange to say that we spend more time with our colleagues than we do our families, but this really is true for most people. If you work a standard eight-hour day, you’re spending a huge amount of your time ‘at the office,’ so you have a right to expect a pleasant work environment.

This is true whether you’re the boss of the company, a mid-level player, or on the janitorial team. We all just want to feel happy at work. Office architecture and design have a big impact on productivity and satisfaction levels. Good workplace design speeds up daily routines minimises downtime, and fosters positive energy.

So, if you’re looking for a way to take your business to the next level in 2017, invest in contemporary workplace designs and office fitouts.

Be Calm and Efficient

The best way to increase workplace efficiency and ensure that tasks are always carried out in the right way is to give your employees the resources they need. This includes an office design and layout which is compatible with their daily routines. Don’t have people running around the building to reach a printer, for example. Try to provide a combination of private and co-working spaces, so that employees can match the method to the job at hand.

Boost Employee Morale

Studies have shown that, when employees are given the freedom to work in a way which suits them, they perform better and strive harder. Investing in high-quality office fitouts is a great idea because they take an existing layout and make it more flexible. You might not have the option to completely redesign the space, but you can use movable partitions and other semi-permanent features to create changeable works stations, co-working areas, boardrooms, and private meeting rooms.

Keep the Team Safe

One aspect of good office architecture which is often overlooked is employee safety. Carefully designed, user-friendly designs and layouts reduce the chance of slips, trips, and falls. In a well-designed workspace, everything has a place. There is plenty of storage and aisles and walkways are kept clear of obstructions. The team is able to get where they need to be fast because key resources are close by and skilfully organised.

Impress the Guests

Don’t forget how important first impressions are, particularly when it comes to new clients and potential sponsors and investors. No matter who comes to call, they will use the look and feel of your workplace to make judgements about what kind of business you have built. If the office is hectic, disorganised, and cluttered, they’ll form the same opinion about your brand. This is why intuitive workplace design is an essential part of standing out from the crowd and competing with market rivals.

Stay Dynamic and Ready

Change is the lifeblood of the modern business. If you’re not willing to adapt to the market, you’ll find it hard to keep customers interested. Fortunately, superb office design is able to accommodate and support growth. You should be able to upgrade your workspace without too much disruption. This is where partition systems and ergonomic office fitouts really come into their own. They can be moved, shortened, expanded, removed, and relocated whenever you need a change.

How to Enhance the Design of Your Workspace

The big misconception about office architecture is that it has to be expensive. This isn’t the case because there is often no need to invest in full-scale renovations or alter the fundamental layout of the building. It is much cheaper and substantially more efficient to use semi-permanent design features.

There are all kinds of options available; from sliding screen panels to partitions on wheels. If you work with a comprehensive fit out provider, they’ll be able to give you plenty of advice and ideas. You’ll be able to work closely with an expert design team so that the end result is a perfect match for your brand, business, and employees.