5 Must Have-High Tech Beauty Gadgets

Technology has brought along some exciting changes in the beauty industry. Companies are incorporating innovations discovered in tech and science in order to create groundbreaking products. Here are some of the most innovative beauty gadgets to hit the market.

Remove Wrinkles With Lasers

Gone are the days of having to shell out the big bucks for professional laser skin treatments. Tria Beauty’s Age Defying laser is a FDA-approved electronic device that utilizes a fractional laser in order to reduce the look of wrinkles, smooth skin and improve it’s appearance. The microscopic lasers penetrate deep into the skin in order to increase collagen production for younger looking skin.

Deep Facial Cleansing

Did you know that your face gets exposed to invisible pollution particles every day? High tech facial cleansing brushes like the Clarisonic are more effective at removing these particles compared to washing your face with soap and water. This device uses patented technology in order to produce over 300 movements per second in order to dislodge invisible dirt and pollutants, a feat that’s impossible washing your face the old fashioned way.

A Revolutionary Hair Dryer

Most hair dryers are simple appliances designed to just dry hair but the new Dyson Supesonic hair dryer takes it up a notch. This futuristic looking gadget comes equipped with a thermostat and microprocessor which monitor temperature levels and adjusts them automatically in order to prevent overheating and fried strands. This dryer doesn’t just dry hair; it’s smart and knows the exact temperature to use for best results.

Is it worth the $399 price tag? According to Shop Hair Dryers, a site specializing in expert hair dryer reviews, it’s only worth it if you’re swimming in the big bucks. More affordable dryers like the T3 and Babyliss will get the job done without breaking the bank.

Microcurrent Facial Devices

A new trend in skin care is microcurrent facial devices like the Nuface Trinity which also incorporates a LED red light therapy mode. Red light therapy utilizes lasers to increase collagen production deep insde the skin’s layers. Microcurrent devices trigger amino acid and adenosine triphospate production for younger and healthier looking skin. Microcurrents have been proven to increase healing time of open wounds.

High Tech Hair Removal

Gone are the days of plucking, shaving and tweezing. Today’s cutting edge products allow consumers to remove hair in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Tria Beauty offers the Tria 4x laser which is a home laser hair removal system utilizing a professional grade diode laser. The laser destroys the hair follicle in order to minimize hair growth. The results aren’t 100% permanent but it can reduce hair growth dramatically if you’re a good candidate for the procedure which includes having lighter skin and darker hair color.


Today’s beauty products go way beyond the surface for visible and long lasting results. We can expect to see more exciting products as technology continues to advance.