360 Degree Feedback Vs Traditional Feedback

The fundamental of an organisation is to grow both internally and externally. One of the significant aspects of growth is self-assessment and improving upon own standards. The best way to enhance and increase efficiency within an organisation is internal appraisal system.

Till date, the very concept of the evaluation was levied through the traditional appraisal system in almost every company. But this method is seen replaced by more accurate, precise yet comprehensive 360-degree feedback system.

To understand the difference between both the methods of appraisal and Tod excise which is a better option you must first get a clear understanding of both the systems. So, here I will explain you both the methods of evaluation and henceforth help you determine the better option of the two.

Traditional appraisal system

The traditional appraisal system is based on a single concept of feedback. The feedback in this system is given by superiors for their subordinates. However, this method became biased, since most of the feedback’s were affected by the personal judgement of a superior or manager for his employees.

Which changed the quality of feedback received and many times deserving candidates never got appreciated for their efforts. Also, this gave a false input to management which took decisions based on the feedback, henceforth affecting the growth of the organisation

360-degree feedback

In the newly developed and much liked 360-degree feedback system, the feedback system is not one-sided. Feedback and reviews are taken from every employee of the organization. The employees give feedback of their manager, the manager provides feedback for employees, and employees give reviews on peers and so on.

Every person in the hierarchy of the organization becomes a part of the appraisal system. Along with this the 360-degree tool also helps in tracking the growth and development of the employee, thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness within an organization.

As you can see, measuring regarding accuracy and efficiency the 360-degree feedback system is far more superior and gives better results. Another significant benefit that companies are switching to 360 feedback system is that it helps in employee analysis; Provides sufficient inputs to the management to concentrate on employee development.

Using the feedback given by the 360-degree tool, the employer can provide relevant training and L&D seminars to improve the effectiveness of the employees, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the organization as a whole.

Many organisations have already switched to the better version of the feedback system and are being benefited from it. Remember improvising upon own standards in the best form of reform. “Change is the necessary evil” as they say, but when the change is for the better, outcomes are meant to be far more superior.

My decision like many others is going with the new, improved and advanced feedback system, the 360-degree feedback tool. If you haven’t yet made your choice, It’s time to change.Only when employees and management work together to uphold the motto of improving benchmarks, an organisation can reap the benefits of technology and advancement to the maximum capacity.