5 Exercises to Beat a Hangover

We all love our night outs. It’s the hangover that all of us hate. The morning after a night of partying is almost always filled with repentance. Most of us wake up with a throbbing headache, acute dehydration and a serious desire to burn off the excess liquor to assuage our guilt. Intake of too much alcohol slows down brain activity and production of feel-good hormones or endorphins makes many of us feel dull, tired and depressed. Even though we are tempted to pop a couple of pills and sleep on it, a little exercise will go a long way in jumpstarting our day and making us feel a tad better about ourselves. Some form of exercise will ensure the release of these feel-good hormones and pep up our moods on our road to recovery. Take a pick of what suits you best.

1. Walk Away the Blues

Walking is low-impact and probably one of the best exercises after a wild night out. Make sure you are not feeling too ill to step out of the house or use the treadmill and you will be on the right track. Walking increases oxygen absorption which in turn increases the rate at which the toxins from the alcohol are broken down inside the body. Take your furry friend along with you and he’ll be grateful for an extra walk around the block. A word of caution: If you start feeling ill or nauseous, stop and take a rest.

2. Yoga Is Always the Answer

Yoga is one of the most beneficial forms of exercises for those suffering from a hangover. Certain poses or asanas help release toxins, boost circulation and speed up digestion, aiding in speedy recovery– all from the comfort of one’s home or even at the workplace. When practiced correctly, asanas like Ardha Uttanasana relieves tension, stretches sore muscles and increases the flow of oxygen in the body. These in turn relieve the symptoms of a hangover. You can consult a practitioner or download free instructions from the internet.

3. Cycling Back to Normalcy

Depending on how hung-over you are, you can choose to exercise on a stationary bike or wheel out your troubles for a ride in the park or trail. If you own one and are an enthusiast, chances are you will be yearning to get on your bike to work off your hangover. If you are not too puckish, pick your mountain or road bike and head to your favorite spot. Choose from a wide variety of road, cruiser, mountain or foldable bikes and read reviews of each category before you decide to invest.

4. Light Aerobics After a Heavy Night

It is a known fact that aerobics helps burn a lot of calories so a personal trainer can help you out. It boosts energy and increases stamina—what most of us lack when suffering from a hangover. Be sure, however, to not overdo it as your body needs plenty of rest to make a full recovery. Choose a lower intensity level with plenty of breaks in between so you do not overstress yourself and be sure to stop the moment you feel unwell.

5. Rhythm to Set It Right

Music is the answer to almost everything. Put on your favorite songs, adjust the volume to a comfortable level and dance away your hangover in the privacy of your own bedroom. Dancing not only improves body coordination, it conditions the heart and lungs, strengthens muscles, burns calories and generates a sense of well-being. This is one of the most fun and popular ways to wave a dreaded hangover goodbye.

Apart from moderate exercising, remember the golden rule is to stay hydrated so as to increase the intake of fluids such as coconut and lemon water or other natural fruit juices and make healthy eating choices. Always pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. Include carbs and fiber in your diet and do not go overboard with fatty foods. If at any point you feel nauseous or unable to continue with any exercise, stop immediately and rest. Remember these exercises and pointers and the next time there is a celebration in town, you will be the first one to recover from the dreaded hangover.