20 Free Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

To execute core competency and success in your business, you need to follow some basic marketing steps. Below are the free online marketing tools which can help you effectively to make a mark in your field.

Hootsuite- Spend time for social media marketing

The best option to save time for social media marketing is by scheduling the posts ahead of time. Get all the social media profile content curated and composed all in one go and then schedule them for the rest of the week. For instance, if you have scheduled five posts per day, you are almost a week ahead of time. Post across all your social profiles and get quick response through Hootsuite.

Design with Canva

With great design, the chance of increased footfall is enhanced on your website. Experts at Canva can help create graphic designs. They can also create images for social media or blog posts of practically anything that you can think of. With optimized sizes, Twitter-sized images, personalized Facebook page images, experts use the logo maker to build designs for any website. Canva has built-in templates to make it easier for professionals.

Get a social media management tool like Buffer

With the ability to let you connect multiple accounts to one dashboard, Buffer is one of the most widely used social media management tool. Get your social posting efforts streamlined without any investment. Creating drip campaigns or analyzing the success of the published posts can be done by Buffer.

Google Analytics for real-time reports

In terms of tracking the traffic on your website, Google Analytics does pretty much everything. Generously given away free, you can check the engaged reading time from the ‘Overview’ option.

Use free logo maker

One of the most critical steps, when it comes to marketing the company is branding. The logo is arguably one of ‘the’ most crucial identities that introduce it to the world. Tools like Spaces’ free logo maker save you from wasting resources on hiring a designer. They can interpret the vision of the perfect logo. All you have to do is scan through the hundreds of frames, icons and fonts available in its library. Create a stunning logo for your company without spending any money! Canva, for instance helps to create flyers, social media images, brochures, infographics and more. Other famous free logo makers are Pablo, Pic Monkey and Gimp.

Secure information with Rapportive

Rapportive is a free digital marketing tool which helps to secure the information and keeps everything safe about your contact. After connecting the gmail account, it lets you find the right person for your business through trial and error method.

Communicate without buying database

A free project-management tool, Asana allows teams to communicate without email. From one central location, entrepreneurs can communicate with the virtual teams and remain updated with their work.

Evernote for more organized work

An organized company is essential if you want to succeed in marketing. But to get all the clever ideas and minds in one place at the same time is practically not possible. Ideas can pop-up at any time of the day for which you need to keep the notes in place. Evernote helps to capture ideas and the thoughts by storing it in one easily accessible location. It makes Evernote the perfect tool to store the content of market research. It helps to capitalize on opportunities by accessing the analyses and use them as and when required.

Check your SEO with SEO Book

Open Site Explorer, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, SEO Book or Keyword Tool are some of the free tools for checking your page authority and domain. It also gives the check of what links you are getting and what is the source. Interestingly, it can also give the reading of your competitor. The only catch about Open Site Explorer is that it gives only three reports per day. However, by signing up for the site, you can get unlimited reports on all your keywords or links.

Customer Relationship Management with Norbert

Using the best CRM tools help you stay informed about the future as well as existing customers. Intended as a tool to help preparing you for meeting new people, free CRM tools can report a full run-down of social media profiles, news, biography or even that of a person. For instance, Charlie gives the information of a single person just by entering their email address. Norbert and HubSpot’s Free CRM are also popular choices as free CRM tools.

Need to generate lead? Get HupSpot Marketing Free

HupSpot Marketing Free can help to generate email leads with the help of a free pop up tool. This pop up tool collects the email addresses along with the main data points such as which pages they visit, their employer and so on. Also, it gives the report of which pages convert at higher rates than rest of the pages. SumoMe and Hello Bar are also other popular options.

Twitter management with Tweepi

It is a generous step by Twitter to open up its app to developers. This help to manage the Twitter profile directly via Twitter (which is always a free option). Tools such as ‘Unfollow’ help to filter and sort the followers. It also gives the insights into the demographics of the audience. All you have to do is check the Twitter follower count regularly. Also, you can white list the ‘unfollowers’ whom you can follow in future. Tweepi, Manage Flitter, Crowdfire are such free tools.

Get free landing pages like WordPress

Wisest are those who are running their pages via WordPress. The bloggers also use this freelanding page. It can be used as the focal point of your social media ad campaign. Create the static content for landing pages such as ‘Sign up for the event’ or ‘download the album’ can be created through WordPress.

For uploading video use Wistia

The default option to upload a video is on YouTube or share on social media. However both of them comes with less control and has some unnecessary and unrelated advertisements. Wistia is a perfect free platform for marketers’ videos. It also helps to add things like email capture format, call-to-action buttons and more.

Testing your website with Peek

You need to understand how people are using your website. Peek, a free tool from User Testing helps you to achieve that. Optimizely free plan is also a similar tool for free.

Blog Topic Generator

When you are blocked with ideas, use this Blog Topic Generator to help you from the stumped situation. Put in a couple of few nouns describing the content idea and the form relevant blog post ideas.


If you look for clear and simple writing, Hemingway is a great choice to get it done. You’ll get an analysis after pasting a passage into the app. Remove the unnecessary adverb and the dense passages to get the crisp writing.

Marketing Ninjas for Onpage Optimization Tool

Marketing Ninjas is a one-stop free tool to help you know what is going on a specific page of the site. Once you paste the URL, you will see the internal and external links, keyword density and more.

Readability Test Tool

The Readability Test Tool gives an analysis of your content. All you need to do is enter the web address or may be just a line and it will give the readability score.

Sniply for Growth hacking

If you are social media savvy, sharing other influencers’ content help to build a sense of confidence within your audience. Sniply is a free powerful tool which gives a call-to-action on every piece of content you share.