3 Benefits of an Integrated Phone, Facebook and Twitter System

Mobile phone technology has opened up a new and powerful front for the interaction of businesses and the public in general and customers in particular, as far as the exchange of information on products and services consumption and provision are concerned. Social media is now an inescapable and very powerful platform and it is critical that businesses step up their game to pay attention to customer comments and respond promptly and satisfactorily.

However, at the outset, there are two glaring challenges that businesses face with the management of social media platforms and the communication stream thereon. The challenges are:

  1. A tendency to overlook clients’ requests or comments, especially in cases where there is no point person to manage a business social media platform.
  2. Secondly, the point person- the social media manager in most cases, is not a specialist in customer service which may prove deficient in some areas, especially customer handling techniques.

So, how can businesses overcome this challenge to effectively manage social media platforms and respond to their customers from these channels?

An integrated phone and social media system is a good way to go, and especially with the two foremost social media sites for business-customer interaction, Facebook and Twitter. A system connecting social media to phone ensures that customer service specialists receive customer comments and requests from the multiple social media platforms and other communication channels like email and respond in real time or as soon as possible.

The communication is received through the phone system without the need to log into the social media sites, providing a better customer experience and improved productivity by the customer service team.

How the integrated Facebook and Twitter and Phone system works

MightyCall offers just the right tool for businesses to do this. Through its Facebook and Twitter and phone integration tool, businesses will get direct client messages from Facebook, alerts of mentions on Twitter as well posts on the Facebook. These alerts appear automatically in the task list of the integrated system, in a secure Private Area account.

Calls that are missed by the customer service team will also be listed in the tasks as well; they will respond to client requests more promptly. This tool offers a multi channel portal for handling customers namely: email, phone, and Facebook and Twitter messaging.

Benefits of the integrated phone and social media system

  • You get a convergence of requests, calls and comments of all communication channels in one task window.
  • There are no missed customer requests from social media-Facebook or Twitter due to reliable alerts.
  • Customer service, across the board, is handled by specialised client managers rather than people with specialty in other areas, not Client service experts, not content managers, reply to requests

The benefits of this system are now clear; you will be better placed to handle your customers through a convergence of multiple communication channels in this phone system. The overall result is a better customer experience and loyalty and following for your business.