Consolidation Of Maintenance Solutions For Mobile Applications

You can’t operate your business in a vacuum.

Here’s the deal: if you don’t innovate, your competition will, and you’ll go bankrupt.

You’ll spiral into dissolution. You’ll lose profitability, clientele, and the ability to operate until you must either file chapter eleven, or do something else as drastic.

Remember when telephones didn’t require constant attention?

When they were bound by a cord to a socket in a wall? Well, some of us do, some of us don’t.

If you were born in 1996, you may have reached adulthood having never seen a landline. This will be a minority of the population; in ten years, it will be a majority.

Landline telephones are going the way of the telegraph, just like records, tapes, eight-tracks, and CDs have gone the way of the phonograph. Now everybody buys their music online and downloads it to their phones. That’s a sentence which wouldn’t even make sense fifteen years ago!

But believe it or not, there was a time when telephones and phonographs were new. There was a time when businesses of the small and medium-sized variety would look at a landline phone and say something to the tune of: “I don’t need any of that newfangled technology! My clients will keep coming anyway.”

What those businesses failed to understand is that by having a phone number, and being accessible beyond the local community, competitors could source clients that they had no idea were even out there.

Same As It Ever Was

The same is true with today’s modern technology solutions. Especially as pertains to smartphones, there are now a variety of applications available that can be designed by businesses to meet their specifications and launched directly. But here’s the thing: even the best-designed applications will have bugs.

That’s why program solutions are often beta-tested. There are almost always “ghosts in the machine”, as the expression goes; and beta tests help hunt those digital phantoms down, putting them to proper rest. But such digital ghost-hunting doesn’t happen organically; it requires concerted effort.

Generally, a variety of logging parameters are set into place which catch such issues, make programmers and other personnel monitoring an application’s egress aware, and help to make a given application work as it should. But there are multiple areas where problems can be logged, and searching them may be hard.

According to, .NET core logging is an essential component of application operation: “You really need to centralize your logs with a log management system. This gives you the ability to do full-text searching across all of your logs for all applications and servers…” You save time and money in repair.

When you can search with a “ctrl+F” (control find) function through varying text documents, this simplifies the maintenance process. Such simplification cuts the time necessary to maintain an application, and thus consolidates resources while ensuring applications are at their most streamlined.

Stay Relevant!

Don’t avoid installing a land-line phone into your small business because you think it’s a passing fad. This will give your competition all the business you could have had. Don’t avoid using mobile applications in conjunction with your website because you don’t think anyone will use them.

Rather, promote your application and make your business a presence in the digital devices of people such that they access your products and services proactively, and even in some cases subconsciously.

Whether or not you get on the tech train now, you’re likely going to have to in the future. Do you know any business without a telephone? Probably not. See, future tech changes are coming, and getting aboard today makes getting aboard tomorrow less difficult.