10 Companies That Give Back When You Buy

The fact that most companies are focused on making lots of profit does make some people second-guess their brand shopping choices.

In a world where business ethics and morals appear to be getting worse it is a breath of fresh air when a business looks for ways to give back. Having more companies that are actually focused on giving back to their local communities can help transform those local societies for the better.

It can be pretty hard to easily find brands that donate money, time or goods back to communities.

Here is a list of inspiring companies that can help you support a brand that gives back.



Change.org is a social enterprise and an example of what is called a benefit corporation. Change.org promotes the structure and vision of a company that doesn’t generate any profit through its activity, but it also relies on the profitability and innovation of technology. The balance between the two comes to reality because the people and organizations that decide to help Change.org through donations. The website offers free & open petition tools to support different sorts of causes. Change.org managed to raise over $50 million dollar by now. Website:


By purchasing at TOMS, customers can sustain several causes among which should be mentioned providing shoes, water, safe birth, sight and even preventing bullying for people who are in need of such things. At first, TOMS offered shoes and then expanded to eyewear purchases that help people restore their eyesight through surgery or medical treatment. TOMS didn’t stop there – they sustain water systems in seven different countries through TOMS Roasting Co. purchases (coffee beans). More than that, by purchasing TOM Bags, the company helps pregnant women in need of support when giving birth. The High Roads Backpack Collection sustains stopping bullying in the United States.

Ben & Jerry’s

Unilever supports the famous brand Ben & Jerry’s and contributes to the B-Corp movement that they run. The Ben & Jerry’s social mission started around 1990 and it proudly continues to the present day. It was one of the very first companies to promote such a mission and the principles that Ben & Jerry’s holds on to are continuously growing. Ben & Jerry’s focuses on both social and environmental problems, focusing on eliminating injustice and promoting joy.


FlipGive is an extensive give-marketing platform based in Toronto, Ontario and it is also known as Better The World. This company is known for using local suppliers that fit their principles – socially and environmentally sustainable suppliers only. FlipGive collaborated with big names such as Starbucks, Nike or Aldo. The fundraisers on FlipGive are usually oriented towards schools, local programs, and charitable organizations.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a company that offers glasses to people who don’t have access to them. When a customer is buying a pair of glasses at Warby Parker, another pair is donated to someone in need. They work with VisionSpring in order to keep the Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program going. The impact of this country can be observed in more than 50 countries all around the world. Their mission is still expanding, the future goal is increasing the income of unfortunate families by giving them a chance to learn and become better at what they are doing. An increased productivity leads to earning more money at the end of the month and glasses are part of this movement.

Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant is one of the best ways to donate money to all sorts of causes, because customers can help a cause by simply shopping their favorite online store. Shoppers use coupon codes to save money and possibly earn cashback that they can then donate to any US nonprofit organization. Giving Assistants’ mission statement helps to change the perception of e-commerce sites and helps to sustain truly worthy causes. The company has donated over $250 000 to a microlending platform called Zidisha and other big amounts to various nonprofits.


Hootsuite took the example of other similar countries such as Warby Parker, Etsy or Patagonia and joined the benefit corporation movement. In order to become a changemaker business, Hootsuite decided to offer free social media education for students. This action helped the company grow on a larger scale by showing Hootsuite what could be improved to their tools. After assessing the impact, Hootsuite observed that their Higher Education program can help a lot of people to understand and work with social media in their everyday life, maybe even building a career out of it.

Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon has non-profit partners that also sustain the cause they are promoting. Their donation until the present moment adds up to almost $5 million and 150 000 beanies. The cause that Love Your Melon is sustaining refers to helping children who struggle with battling cancer. Through their actions, Love Your Melon offers memorable activities and day trips that are supposed to relieve the pain and suffering of these children. They also organized a Campus Crew Program where determined people raise awareness on cancer and help children go through this battle. This program is also responsible for coordinating and running beanie donations during the year.

Pura Vida Bracelets

The Pura Vida Bracelts company started their mission after being truly touched by the beaches around the world, that are filled with waste and debris. This way, Pura Vida Bracelets decided to sustain an environmental cause – donating 1% of profit for each bracelet that was sold to The Surfrider Foundation, which focuses on protecting beaches and oceans.


Kickstarter transformed into a benefit corporation by starting to become aware of the impact they have on society. Following the example of Patagonia, Kickstarter established its mission – to create and maintain tools that help people bring their ideas and concepts to life; to help and protect the ecosystem and to fulfill the wishes of artists and creators. Kickstarter is looking forward to creating a more creative and equitable world for people to live in.