These 6 Startups Are Changing The Future Of Cybersecurity

In the explosion of innovation, it’s no wonder that Internet has also brought potential danger. From data theft to hacking, identity fraud and phishing – there is a whole new world of issues people and businesses need to face to succeed in the digital age.

Luckily, the cybersecurity world aims to counteract this, and is predicted to grow to 170 billion in the next few years. These six cybersecurity startups offer creative solutions to common problems and help companies keep up with the speed of innovation online.

1. Hook

Sometimes, the threat to your business comes from within. Every company has people who are less tech-savvy and more likely to be security threats from phishing or hacking. According to Hook’s website, 95% of all security threats begin with employees being tricked. In response to this, Hook aims at reducing human error in cybersecurity. Hook tests employees individually to isolate the workers who might create a problem, then works with your company to train and educate the people involved to lower the risks.

2. Cybersmart

Cybersmart takes a two-pronged approach to cybersecurity, by both protecting the company and helping the company meet constantly changing cybersecurity standards, including the recently passed GDPR. Key to their ethos is the belief that companies should be proactive in their cybersecurity instead of just reactive as they have been in the past. Their platform works seamlessly with common apps such as Office 365 and the Google Suite, and allows your company to get Cyber Essentials certification.

3. Bromium

California-based Bromium focuses on protection and prevention of cybersecurity threats. Their keystone technology is their virtualization-based software that creates a mini-VPN every time an employee opens a new tab or uses the Internet. The focus on prevention is changing the face of cybersecurity as it removes the need for detection of a threat and simply focuses on preventing threats.

4. Threatinformer

The primary goal of Threatinformer is to create personalized, unique cyber insurance for companies and employees alike. Installing their platform allows Threatinformer to collect information and analyse it for optimal security. With real-time updates about cybersecurity weaknesses in your company, Threatinformer will help your company fill in any weaknesses and provides great cyber insurance.

5. Druva

With sensitive company data moving from internal servers to more cloud-based technology, there are more risks of breaches than ever before. Druva directly combats this, with security for cloud-based services. Druva also provides backups and data recovery in the case of a breach or software error. The service includes forensics and tracking of data to identify cybersecurity risks before they rear their heads. In today’s world where we have increasing less control over where and how our data is used, Druva helps companies track and control their data for optimal security.

6. Intsights

Last but not least, Intsights provides automated and easy threat remediation. The platform is customized for your company and turns threat intelligence into an automatic action. Intsights also scours tens of thousands of webpages looking for potential threats, including the dark web. With Intsights, companies no longer have to be in the dark about potential threats or worry about updating software.

As the world of technology continues to grow and change rapidly, it is reassuring for companies to know that there are an abundance of young startups dedicated to attacking security threats in a proactive manner.