Wi-Fi Router Placement Rules Everyone Should Abide By

Struggling with the slow speed of your Wi-Fi? Well, it might be because of the wrong placement of the Wi-Fi router. Yes, the position of your router plays a vital role in ensuring the proper functioning of the internet.

In case you do not know about basic rules related to the placement of the Wi-Fi router, we advise you to read further and choose the right spot.

Here are some Wi-Fi router placement rules everyone should abide by:

Centralize its Location

Location is one of the important factors you need to keep in mind when trying to find a place for your router. It is noticed that if the wireless router is placed in the middle of the home or the building, it sends uniform signals across the place; hence, covering all the areas. One more thing to consider is that signals are stronger at close distance, so you can also place the router to the area near the connected device(s).

Keep in Sight

A Wi-Fi router should be kept at a place which falls under the most visible areas of the room. For instance, rather than putting it in a cupboard or any other enclosed area, a Wi-Fi router should be placed on a shelf on a wall. If you place the router in plain sight, it boosts its efficiency twice as compared to a hidden location.

Avoid Impenetrable Objects

Radio waves can travel through the walls, though their strength depends on the thickness of the walls. The strength of signals will get weak if walls are thick. Moreover, large metal objects and mirrors also affect the signals’ strength by absorbing them that leads to the creation of dead zones. Hence, when placing the router in your home or office, make sure that you avoid such impenetrable objects.

Away from Interference and Noise

It is not just the physical objects but also interference and noise that can have a significant impact on your Wi-Fi’s performance. Electrical devices such as phones and Bluetooth speaker share the same wireless band that your W-Fi router uses. This leads to congestion that eventually hampers the signals of the router. Thus, try to place your router at least 5 to 6 feet away from such devices.

Heights Matters A Lot

The higher the position of your Wi-Fi router, the better signals you will get. This happens because a more elevated position allows the router to cover most of the areas without being interrupted with objects around. To ensure the high placement, you can place the router on high shelves or even mount them on a wall. Moreover, whether you are looking for broadband service providers in Vijayawada or Chennai, choose one that offers you best customer care assistance so that you can sort your router issues easily.

Adjust the Antenna

Once you have found the perfect place for your Wi-Fi router, shift your focus to the router itself to adjust its antenna. Some of the things you need to consider are:

  • Do not put the antenna in the direction of a wall or any other object that can act as a hurdle.
  • The position of the antenna should be between 45 to 60 degrees and not 90 degrees.
  • Different antennas should be directed in different directions to spread the range across the home evenly.

Searching the right spot for your Wi-Fi router can be quite difficult but once you have figured out the best one, be ready for a seamless internet experience. So, follow the rule mentioned above and get the best of your Wi-Fi connection.

However, in case the router is old and still not functioning well, it might be the indication that you should get a new Wi-Fi router with a better internet connection. Some of the broadband service providers in Vijayawada like ACT Fibernet offer a wide range of plans with incredible internet speed.