What the hell is up with Orwellian Wal-Mart?

You may have thought I was ranting and raving all paranoid-like when I wrote about Big Sis coming to video screens at Wal-Mart stores last month. I wasn’t exaggerating.

Weird things are indeed happening at “wally world”. We already have propaganda on Wal-Mart’s handy video screens. Busy Wal-Mart, they’ve already added something new!

Thanks to YouTube we now know that someone has spotted a new Wal-Mart upgrade that is worse than a video screen message from Big Sis. In North Carolina, or “North Cackalacky” as we called it in the Marines, there is a prison style guard tower in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

And it’s not just any prison style guard tower, this one is mobile so you can take it anywhere and observe the people (prisoners?) below. The guy in the video claims the tower was bought with economic stimulus money much like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) porno-scanners were. That wouldn’t surprise me if that turns out to be true.

Why would there ever need to be a guard tower with official police markings on it at Wal-Mart? And don’t say that it was there to control shoppers during the holidays, or to stop thefts in the parking lot, just stop. That is a ridiculous justification.

There is no good reason for public money, tax-payer money to be used to protect Wal-Mart’s private property. The only good reason would be if it were being used to protect the survivors inside the Wal-Mart from the attacking zombies outside, or some other apocalyptic scenario.

This thing has a megaphone, high intensity fog lights; it also has room for infrared security cameras. The manufacturer says on the website that it can be used for civil unrest or even crowd control. Anything to put the police in a higher position (literally) than regular people I guess.

It says right on the maker’s website in a banner written in clearly readable white letting “Surveillance”. Yes, surveillance, the eerie, tricky word that has become associated with government sneakiness in the growing post 9/11 national security state.

But why is Wal-Mart now getting all of these Department of Homeland Security (DHS) upgrades? Did a Wal-Mart recently get attacked and no one told me?

Or is this more real-life government precrime, prevention BS?

Stop the Wal-Mart crime before it happens while it is just a thought in someone’s head? Now Phillip K Dick’s story “The Minority Report” is becoming real like Nineteen Eighty-Four is, at Wal-Mart?

Is all of the science fiction I read in high school in Mr. Corcoran’s class becoming reality?

In all seriousness what is happening with Wal-Mart? First it was video screen messages reminding you to rat out fellow consumers from Big Sis. And now we have mobile, prison style, guard towers in Wal-Mart parking lots?

One of the biggest corporate chains in America looks like it is slowly transitioning into some type of quasi government approved role. Is going to Wal-Mart going to be like trying to get on an airplane now? Are people going to be x-ray scanned and/or groped before they can shop at Wal-Mart?

It’s just like the South Park episode. Wal-Mart is growing, upgrading its hardware, sucking people in, and consuming everything in its path. With help from tax-payers of course!