The Razer Switchblade…this ain’t your grandma’s laptop

CES is always filled with the big expected products, the crazy concepts that would never work, the kind-of-exciting…and then the stuff that blows our minds. Here’s something that falls into the last category.

The Switchblade from a company called Razer is just a concept right now, but given all the work and production gone into it, there’s no doubt that work is being done to make it an actual physical product.

It’s being described as a device to make PC gaming portable. “Why, I’ve been able to do that for year on my laptop,” you say. No, you haven’t been doing what the Switchblade can. Its awesomeness is two-fold: the screen and the keypad.

The screen is a full, tactile multi-touch display. That means developers could put buttons and controls on the screen, wherever they want, and fully integrate it into the game experience.

The keyboard, meanwhile, is 100% versatile. While these are physical, mounted buttons, the buttons can be changed on the fly. So instead of a Qwerty keypad, you could have a colorful array of in-game commands, arrow keys, and macros. It all changes based on what you’re doing on the computer at the time.

Obviously a lot of work still need to be done to make this thing a reality, and then developers themselves would have to do a lot of work to create content for it. But, given how cool it is that doesn’t sound like such a huge stumbling block.

To really understand how mind-blowing this gadget is, check out the first official Razer Switchblade teaser video below: