What is A Smart DNS Proxy Server and How Does it Work

Are you trying to visit a website and getting blocked from viewing the contents because of your location? With a Smart DNS Proxy Server, you can reroute data and access this geo-blocked content. Confused? Don’t be. Let’s get into the details about what exactly is a Smart DNS Proxy Server and how it works.

Device Location

Every computer connected to the Internet has an IP address assigned to it. This address uniquely identifies the device and helps route data to it. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) automatically assigns the number known as your IP address. This number will remain the same unless you change it. 


The Domain Name System (DNS) is the part of your system that translates Internet names into the numerical IP addresses. Every website is hosted on a server with a specific IP. When you type in the website name the DNS is responsible for converting the written address into the IP address of the host server. In other words, it plays a crucial role in accurately transferring data from one device to another.

Proxy Server

The other part of the puzzle is the proxy server. A proxy server is a third device that acts as a gateway. This means that between your device and the host server where the website sits is  another server. Your data flows to the proxy server which then sends the data to the host server. The data from the host server is then sent to your device using the same proxy server. 

Smart DNS Proxy Server

Now we put all this together. A Smart DNS Proxy Server is a proxy server that changes your DNS settings when visiting a website. In simpler terms, it’s simply a gateway that changes the geo-location of your virtual traffic. This will help unblock the geo-restricted content you are trying to access.

How a Smart DNS Proxy Server Works

A Smart DNS Proxy Server doesn’t actually change the IP of your device. It only redirects the portion of your traffic that deals with geo-location. It does this through a Smart DNS Server in a location that has permission to view the site you are trying to access. The server will actually sit in a location permitted access to the content you want to view. Your data goes to this server first, your geo-location redirected, and the data from the website comes back to you. Without a Smart DNS Proxy Server, your data goes directly to the website and the data sent directly back to you. So essentially, a Smart DNS server sends your data on a different path than if you had not used one. 

A Smart DNS Proxy Server only redirects the portion of your  traffic needed to determine your geographic location. This allows you to unblock geo-restricted or geo-blocked sites. This means that you can watch sites like Hulu and Netflix with your US account, no matter where you are in the world. Setting up a Smart DNS is also relatively easy. 

The first thing you need to do is register with a Smart DNS Proxy Server provider. This is the company that owns the server where your geo-location data is redirected. Make sure the company has a server in a country that has access to the content you are trying to view. Once you register with your provider they will give you the DNS settings that you need to change on your device. If you are using a computer, you may need to change some settings on your router as well. After you make the changes you simply connect to the Smart DNS server and you can access the content you want without geo-restrictions. 

A Smart DNS Proxy Server Is Different From A VPN

If you’ve looked into changing your IP, then you’ve likely heard of both Smart DNS Proxy Servers and VPNs. A Smart DNS Proxy Server is different from a VPN in that it only redirects your geographic location. A VPN, on the other hand, creates a tunnel, changes your IP address, and redirects all of your traffic. This makes your connection much slower and often requires installing a third-party application on your device. 

Why Use a Smart DNS Proxy Server

Using a Smart DNS Proxy Server is only one of the ways to change the geo-location of your device. Here are some reasons why it is useful to use a Smart DNS Proxy Server over other options: 

  • Speed: A Smart DNS connection is often much stronger since only the geo-location portion of your data is re-routed. Whereas, with other options, all of your traffic is re-routed. This can be helpful when streaming or downloading content. 
  • Compatibility: Because it does not require a third-party application and the system is much simpler than other options available. This means a Smart DNS works across many different types of devices. 
  • Affordable: A subscription with a Smart DNS provider is often much cheaper. Other alternatives available require more complex systems resulting in a higher price tag.