What are the Different Types of Car Covers?

Car covers have a much more profound use than what you take them for. Not only do they make your car look more VIP and lavish when parked, but the degree of protection you are offering your car from the outside depends a lot on the car cover you choose. Because there are different cars and various categories of buyers, it is understandable that suppliers realize the need for producing different types of covers.

This article will identify the types of car covers to choose from so that when you decide where to buy the best car cover from, you know exactly where your aim lands.

1. Water Proof Covers

We will not delve deep inside the description of how exactly the waterproof system works, but you can pretty much identify the major advantage this cover has over others; it disallows water from entering the engine or splashing on top of the roof and bonnet. It does so by slipping off most of the water from its almost frictionless surface, and absorbing the moisture that remains.

If you reside in a tropical area where rain is quite common, these covers are indeed the best for you, but on a hot day you can expect your car to be an oven from the inside because the absorbed moisture contributes to the humidity inside the car. In addition, the cost of purchasing such a cover is usually more than others.

2. Indoor Cotton Covers

Indoor covers are also available in pure polyester variety, but they tend to be harmful for the paint of the car if used for long periods. Purely cotton made covers are excellent for protecting your car from dust and any possible infestation if it is parked indoors, and can be used for as long as you like indoors. However, it does not offer the same benefit of being totally waterproof so depending on which part of your country you live in (and whether you have a garage or not), you can decide whether to go for such a cover or not.

Purely cotton made covers can be expensive, but you can opt for lower quality ones with other sorts of fabrics mixed with the cotton to lower the price. As far as your purpose is for use indoors, any such cover will do.

3. Weather Resistant Covers

Before we go on to describe what you can expect from these, it is best to know that these are the most expensive kinds out there. However, the features offered by these covers are unparalleled whether you use it indoors or outdoors.

The material used in these covers is breathable, which basically means that if you look closely you can spot minute pores which offer protection from excess mist, sunlight, moisture or any such composite of the environment. In addition, it offers excellent protection against rain as well, so it is indeed your one-size fits all solution.

So if you have the ability to purchase these car covers, it is best to invest in one.