What are the Causes of Car Accidents and How can it be Prevented?

A car accident is an unfortunately event, which is surprisingly caused by human error in majority of cases. Every year automobile accidents result in thousands of injuries and deaths on the road. A rise in traffic collisions is the prominent cause of preventable death in our nation. Thus it becomes highly important to have an understanding of the leading factors contributing to the car accidents.

Here is a list of the prime factors that lead to car accidents:

Reckless Driving: There is a well-noted notion that describes the impact of speeding in a few words. Remember ‘Speed thrills but kills’. Failing to abide the speed limit is the most common reason of traffic accident. Your speed must in the controllable limit as prescribed by the state traffic rules and regulations.

Mobile Usage: There is no doubt in the fact that we all live in an age where mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our daily routine. But, please note one should never text or call while driving, no matter how important it is.

The use of mobile phone has resulted in an increased level of danger on the roads. Despite strict traffic laws, the judicial system failed to lower down the number of deaths with manslaughter.

Miscellaneous Factors: Sometimes, little distractions could lead to havoc. Consider the times when you are so indulged in gulping on your favorite choco lava pie. The delightful, finger licking taste, often makes you forget things and people around you for a micro-second. It is this micro-second, when one might take eyes off the road and something awful happens.

The lesson here is to keep away from any sort of distraction. Few common forms of distractions while driving are smoking, eating, drinking and loud music.

Stress or fatigue: The driver fatigue is the also contributes as the cause of roadway-related fatalities in our nation. The individuals who have a history of falling asleep at the wheel must be prohibited from driving a vehicle.

Drink & Driving: Drinking or having a narcotic substance results in a 100% auto accident. Avoid such in-take before driving for a safe journey.

Rubber Necking: Believe it or not, but another form of distraction while driving, has lead to a fraction of fatalities. It is when drivers look at surrounding people or vehicles on the road. A simple illustration would be watching other accidents, looking at scenic views and flying aircrafts.

Defective automobile: The common auto defects can lead to serious injuries. It includes defected tires, poor design of vehicles make it more prone to rollovers, seatbelts and airbag issues.

Poor Roadway Construction: The improper condition of roadways result in hundreds of auto accidents every year. The liable parties such as the construction companies must be held responsible for the poor constructed roads and traffic signals.

Bad Weather Conditions: The weather conditions possess a great danger to motorists on the road. It includes snowy roads, high winds, and heavy rain. Avoid getting into such weather for a happy and safe ride.

No Coning Off Construction Zones: Road connectivity is essential to building a nation’s transportation infrastructure. However, in many cases, the road construction staff fails to safely cordon off construction zones and results in high risk of auto accidents.

If in case, you or your closed one ever meets with such an unfortunate mishap, make sure you get in touch with an Austin Car Accident Lawyer who could help and guide you the best. A professional team could assist you in dealing with road fatality in the shortest time possible, hence, making things a little smoother and manageable.

In nutshell, there is always some reason behind a car accident, which of course is highly preventable. A little caution can safeguard you against the ill fatality. By taking care of little things such as pulling into the traffic slowly and watching out for the red light runners can play a major role to save your life.

Be aware. Be safe. Always!