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What Does One Mean by AWS Consulting?

AWS is a cloud-based platform that provides technology driven businesses with a variety of tools regarding data storage, analytics, computing, management, migration, networking, and much more. This AWS consulting service supports specific services for mobile devices and IoT, which feature capabilities for ML & Big Data processing, infrastructure security, and data protection. It can be provisioned only by AWS Consulting Partners and to become one, a consulting company must demonstrate expertise in the following areas:

  • Architecture
  • Designing
  • Building
  • Migrating

How Can Your Organization Benefit from AWS?

Reduced business operation cost

AWS allows businesses to quickly and easily migrate their operations and capabilities to the cloud at an affordable rate. This is because it trades capital expense for variable expense. So you pay as you go and for the resources that you use.

Improve your app’s performance

The AWS cloud provides elastic and flexible scaling. It means that you can scale it up or down according to your needs. Moreover, you pay for what you actually use and you don’t have to pay while scaling down.

Secure your business and customer-sensitive data

AWS cloud provides optimal level security which includes security groups, individual configuration, SSl connections, DB snapshots, backups, and RD functionality. This global security infrastructure that meets the highest security criteria. So with it you can manage your area of responsibility by tuning the settings.

Instant access to your global resources

AWS cloud provides an unlimited variety of platforms, tools, and technologies to supplement your application with. This will help your company get instant access and manipulate each of its functional parts.


In case of any issues, we provide 24/7 support services so as to ensure that your business runs without any problems.

How We Carry Out the Process of AWS Consulting Services

  • Audit
  • Initial interview ( for business objectives and goal setting)
  • Data collection & analysis to identify inefficiency areas
  • Specification of improvements to be made
  • Delivery
  • Development
  • Fine-tuning
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Delivery of results along with suggestions for improvement
  • Training
  • Delivery of a how-to training session where your organization’s engineers and managers can learn how to manipulate the solution

Why should you choose AWS and SQUADEX for your Big Data needs?

Big data on AWS has the following advantages:

It is Immediately Available

  • No hardware procurement or deployment is necessary
  • You can easily transfer your data
  • Training and tutorials are available

Broad and Deep Capabilities are there

  • 50 plus services and hundreds of features added annually.
  • You can build virtually any big data analytics application
  • You can also support any workload regardless of volume, velocity, and variety of data
  • Everything you will need to collect, process, store, analyze, and the visualize big data is available on the cloud

It is secure and trusted

  • Since it is designed with a in-layers approach, it can comply with even more than 20 regulations.
  • It is also continuously audited.

What can you do with Big Data on AWS with SQUADEX?

Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

It is based on much extensive research using proper methodology and it has resulted in architecture and cost optimization.

It begins with a full audit of the solution so as to determine a roadmap and strategy for the data warehouse. It is then organized using proper support and management to make it a well oiled machine.

Big Data Platform & The Next Generation of Business Intelligence

A Big Data Platform helps in ensuring that the data is all properly stored as well as analyzed. We carry out a proper tools evaluation and then choose the architecture plan which is most suitable for it. Then we integrate it with the exiting Big Data infrastructure.

We also design both horizontal and vertical prototypes, so as to ensure that the architecture is selected are all in accordance to the technical and business needs.

Advanced Analytics & Data Science

Addition of an intelligent layer helps in task automation as well as helps people and businesses optimize their performance.

Tasks which required a human element like computer vision, speech recognition and natural language processing are automated because they cannot be solved using the traditional approaches and tools. We build the latest architecture based on the existing Big Data infrastructure. This helps in optimizing the costs using Robotic process automation so as to enable the use of new business models.

Machine Learning Competency

Why Machine Learning Matters?

It empowers the data analysis with analytical algorithms. It enables AI to make data based predictions which don’t rely upon human intervention. So, Machine Learning helps in solving complex data challenges like:

Natural Language Processing

  • To enhance translation
  • To improve speech recognition
  • To aid in relationship extraction
  • Helps in sentiment analysis and topic segmentation

Image Recognition

To help process the unlimited amount of images. This is done to detect specific objects and classify images by topic groups or features.

Cut Costs

We help you build highly automated and cost effective AI powered ML solutions using the necessary AWS services coupled with open source tools.

Customer Analytics

We believe that customer service is the road to greater profits and brand loyalty. So, we try to predict what they want do as to create personalized experiences.

Fraud Detection

The ML fraud detection will help prevent fraud in your enterprise.

Grow Faster

The Machine learning AI built by us at Squadex will help businesses grow faster, barring the industry type.

Improved Quality

Our team members belonging from different departments like Data Engineering, Business Units and Data Science teams will provide ML expertise to help you get results faster according to your area and need.


Our Global Security Infrastructure meets the highest known security criteria and benchmark.

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